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It's hard to believe that this time last year it was my 3rd month on chemotherapy.I was also awaiting the birth of my first granddaughter.This year I am
cancer-free ( recent CT scan) so Christmas will be so special.Poppy is nearly 1 year old now πŸ’ž


That is brilliant @Globerry, have a great Christmas, Kim :x::x:


Lovely, what a great photo @Globerry. I hope you have a lovely Christmas.:x::x::x::x:


Fabulous news @Globerry. Good to have met you in Birmingham xx fab photo. Enjoy a more relaxed Christmas :x::x:


Good news @Globerry :x::x:


Good news @Globerry and what a lovely photo 😊


Great news @Globerry

Enjoy a most special Christmas together

Lots of love



Wonderful news @ Globerry I have been a bit gloomy tonight but you have cheered me up! You will have a great Christmas. .enjoy every minute...lots of love and well done you!! :x::x:

springer michelle

Best xmas present for you. My grandaughter will be 1 in january. Xmas is gonna be great with a 2yr old and almost 1 yr old :x::x:

Bear G

Fab news and a lovely picture @Globerry :x::x:


Lovely news and a beautiful picture @Globerry . Have a lovely Christmas.

island girl

@Globerry, fantastic news, have a wonderful Xmas with adorable Poppy ❀️