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Life beyond bowel cancer


12 years on

I guess some of you might still remember me.
Sadly many of the regulars I started in here with are literally no longer with us, unlike me. I am still alive but do not hang out in here.
Obviously cancer never stops finding new recruits and it is good to see the forum still functions.

You might like to know my good news. You can see the short-version of my life with cancer in my profile.
I was 48 when diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, advanced to ovaries, liver and lungs. I had a lot of treatment and was very strict with my self-care. Currently cancer free.
I turned 60 this year. Lucky lady!
Celebrated by cycling up Mont Ventoux in.the dark, to see the sunrise over the Alps. I’ve also started doing 10 mile time trials on my bike. Who’d a thought that 12 years ago. I still have a miserable time with my guts most days, but life goes on well enough.
Merry Christmas to you all and try to stay optimistic about what 2019 might bring.

It’s easy to add pictures so I added one of my with my sister and my mum, who is also a bowel cancer survivor who used these forums in the past.


Happy birthday and lovely to hear your update :x:

Quote from @Chris82:

I first posted on here more than four years ago, diagnosed stage 4 and in a desperate situation with a poor prognosis. Who would think I’d be stable now on the same maintenance treatment for two years?

You were the first person to welcome me then (I checked) and I am forever grateful for that support at a dark time. While I’m not on here as often now myself, I think it’s good that we can all pop in and out and share our stories.

That’s a nice memory. Good to hear that you are still stable.

Quote from @angepange:
Please say hi to Pauline. Used to love her posts!

Ah, I will.
She was /is a sweetheart.
Things are hard for her just now cos my dad is very ill with kidney failure and he’s had two heart attacks. Obviously if I’m 60 you can figure their age: Dad was 85 this year. I’ll post a photo of them too.
She’ll be happy to know what you said.


Thanks for the birthday wishes.
Must say I am nothing but ecstatic at reaching this milestone. So much better than the alternative we’ve all had to contemplate. Which is what I say to anyone who moans about getting old!

Quote from @snowsister:
@suze you legend!!! What a cracking 12 adventure filled years you have had... Thankyou so much for sharing... I’m 48 now... hoping to live a long and fulfilling life much like you.... keep up the good work, I look forward to a 20 year update from you please.😁💖💪🏻💖💪🏻💖💪🏻

It’s a date!
If you don’t cycle already, I really recommend it for so many reasons. It’s a mood booster, for one thing and a great way to keep aerobic fitness without over-taxing your muscles


That's such a lovely photo @suze. Your Mum was a complete star with her posts on the old Forum.

El Ivan

Belated happy birthday @suze and great to hear you are doing so well! Lovely to see Pauline looking well too.


Loved reading your post thank you for sharing. You look fantastic @suze well done you. 😘💗🎄


Oh Fred and Pauline. Bless them @suze . Say a great big hi from me and I really wish them well. :x:


Well done @Sasa - so well done. Just lovin the bike and the cycling. Here is to the next twelve years clear!!
Hans :x::x::x::x::x::x::x:


OH MY GOODNESS, @suze ! How wonderful to hear from you again!
See, I'm doing cart wheels in hearing from you again!

Yes, I'm another one whom you'd welcomed and supported when I finally signed up to this forum, after lurking for over a year post diagnosis! Even met you in person at the annual grand meeting in the College of Surgeons, London!
I'm also just popping in only occasionally now. But your recent message is certainly a wonderful boost for me!
Wishing you a WONDERFUL 2019 and BEYOND!!!
Just me.


Omg. Great photo.
Lovely to hear from you too

Bear G

Of all the places to do a handstand @Dan-888 😂
Fab photo!!


thank you for your compliments @Bear G & @suze !
I'm not that acrobatic, really! 8)


@Dan-888 if this picture is not Photoshoped then you are my hero 🙌


He’s my hero for being able to create that photo!

Polly 1

Blimey @Dan-888 !!!!! Good photo but I can see your hair hasn't moved 🙃


@Dan-888, that is so funny and made me laugh over my morning cup of tea😀 We spend so much time in the bathroom - but I have never thought of doing that!!! Lol😀 Sarah :x::x:


Haha @Dan-888 , brilliant!:x::x:


Thank you all! But I must return this thread to @suze ! Should never have side tracked with that photo! Sorry, Suze!

@Sparkles wonderful to hear from you! I must go walk-about on here to try and pick up on more of your fun posts! Although I didn't do any Photo editing I have serious doubts I could ever become your hero!

@Polly 1 , you do have sharp eyes! ;) Now you've made me admit it's actually a toupee. < SIGH! > I could have used a ton of hair spray a la Trump, but I care for our ozone layer!

Great to hear from you, @SariDaffs ! Hopefully I didn't disrupt your breakfast any more! Yes, indeed! I have been having too many redecorating ideas while in the smallest room! I have installed a whisper-quiet but extra capacity extractor though as it can get a bit ripe ... :o

U gorra 'ave a 'larff @angepange ! :) Hope you are keeping well? We should get a London meet happening in the spring?

Oh. If you look in that mirror you will see a camera case reflected, as it's hung around my neck. That will give you a final clue as to how I took that photo!