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My last Christmas with my full bowel....what food shall I eat?

So I will be having a bowel op in January. My first. So I understand there will be things that may be harder to eat afterwards, maybe forever. So I figure I will make the most of this Christmas holidays. But I wonder what are the most likely things that I'll struggle with that o should make sure I fit in!!

I'm starting to feel a bit nervous, but mainly ignoring it and really thankful that my treatment break has fallen over Christmas.

lorraine grant

Hi there. I'm sure for surgery on the 10th Jan and thinking the same. I have a lovely fillet steak meal booked for the 4 th and I can't wait. I'm going to go low residue diet after that. Botting but needed.


Hi There @lujabuck. I had APR surgery 9 days ago - permanent colostomy and althougnI am having white bread instead of brown, I have eaten most things - pasta, curry, stew as well as a few chocolates. Not had any alcohol yet but fully intend to do so over Christmas. It probably won’t be as bad as you think. Having said that definitely tuck in over Christmas. You may find you have a bit of a reduced appetite for a while. Have a good one.:x:


Hi @lujabuck sorry to meet you here, but hey, we really are all on the same page!!!!
Like @penjay1902 I am post op APR and permanent little sidekick. I am a wee bit ahead of her, 8 weeks post op.
I would say eat Everything!!!! No restrictions. Enjoy yourself.😁
It’s not your last Christmas meal ever....
I had 1 last week out with friends, not even the sprouts caused a problem.. post op I am eating healthy, whatever the heck I want.... honestly I sometimes forget I have a stoma when a menu is put in my hands!!! So nothing is off limits to me yet, it’s just my personal dietary preferences that guide me.... NOT my stoma.
Enjoy yourself and have a good Christmas... click on my profile if you want to compare notes...
Ask us anything.... anytime....😘💖


That’s a great reply @snowsister! 🙂
Everyone on the forum has to learn to deal with what often is a ‘new normal’. Have a good Christmas @lujabuck @snowsister and everyone 🌟


Thanks everyone!! Isn't it great to have people who get it. I think I'll have until the end of January before time to scoff all the leftovers too!! :x: