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First Colonoscopy but back in I Year not 3 due to prep not complete

Good morning all,
3 months since my reversal after having the bag for 14 months.
First 4 weeks a bit of a problem.
Settled down after 8 weeks so said to the wife let's go to Lanzarote.
Had a couple of incidents while there but flew there and back with no problems.
My bowels will never return to how they were but you have to get used to the new normal.
First colonoscopy yesterday and was so happy with the results.
The only problem being I have to go back in 1 year not the normal 3 Years.
This was due to the Picolax prep not fully working so the surgeon could not fully complete the colonoscopy.
This means he only examined 3/4 of the bowel.
Next appointment 2nd scan at the Marsden in March.
Best wishes and thinking of you all on here battling this cancer.
Stay positive stay strong
God bless


Really good news! Have a great Christmas Steve @Rockford .:x::x:


Lovely to read your good news @Rockford

Ha e a great Christmas



Glad to hear your news @Rockford
Very best wishes to you ๐Ÿ™‚


hi @Rockford , brilliant news , , we went Lanzarote 6 months after Geoffโ€™s reversal, a couple off incidents, and a bit of a hairy trip back to airport as Geoff taken short , but half the battle is accepting Bowelโ€™s will never be the same again
Happy Christmas :x::x:


Hi @Rockford do you think 1 year is soon enough if not complete? Have you also had CT scan - chest abdomen and pelvis
Oh just re read March not so bad. But any symptoms or concerna go sooner

Best wishes to you