Younger people with bowel cancer

Rob Richardson


Hi all, I'm new to the forum. Just been diagnosed with T3N1 bowel cancer. Luckily they found the tumor whilst taking my appendix out which decided to burst while I was at work up a ladder. I had a sarcoma in the same area when i was 6yr old, so not feeling too worried about having 6 month chemo, or am I being a bit naive? I'm aware of all the risks etc after seeing oncologist yesterday, but I'm trying to fight this with knowledge of my circumstances, with an open and determined mind. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, and I wish all the best to all here and their families which is undoubtedly a difficult time.


Dear @Rob Richardson . I am so very sorry to read of your shock bowel cancer diagnosis and especially the rubbish circumstances and previous cancer history. How tough for you, just before Christmas. But yes, stay hopeful as it's all going to be treatable and good that you've already seen the oncologist. I'm not quite clear, are you having surgery then chemo or pre-operative chemo for 6 months? You would normally get post-operative 'mop up' chemo with lymph node involvement but some patients need pre-operative chemo and radiation to directly target the bowel tumour before surgery. Anyway, whatever it is, rest assured that others on here have trod the path before you and will be here for help, support, hugs and whatever else may be required!
My advice would be have a really good Christmas and try to forget it for the next week or two before you get back into the loop.
Love Gypsyxx

Rob Richardson

Hi Gypsy thanks for reply. They removed the tumor (and part of my bowel) during my appendix opp, so its post-surgery mop up followed by the camera going where cameras were never intended ha. I'm enjoying eating plenty "preparation food" pre-treatment as I lost about a stone with all the appendix carry on. Continuing to do physical work with a punctured intestine resulting in my appendix popping has maybe turned out a life saver as I'd have not known about the tumor till possibly too late.


Goodness, what a time you have had. You must have had the most awful shock, truly, to awake and found that you had needed bowel cancer surgery. You sound far more calm than I would be! Yes, feed yourself up ahead of the chemo which anyway, can't start till you are all healed up. Loads of people have had the same as you on here and once the 'mop up ' chemo is done,it will be a case of monitoring you with scans. You take very good care and enjoy Christmas! Love Gypsyxx


What a story @Rob Richardson . But as you say, it's lucky that the problem was found before it was too late. It sounds as if you are one of those who doesn't like to run to the GP for every twinge (burst appendix up a ladder, for goodness sake!!).

But yes, chemo is perfectly manageable......we are all different but I just had a few days a fortnight when I was tired and queasy.

It's a good idea to build up your strength and weight with healthy eating. I also spent lots of time sorting out cupboards and paperwork. But the main thing is to enjoy yourself over Christmas.

Best wishes


@Rob Richardson

I personally think naivety is the best way forward. In my hubby's case he just didn't want to know any of it! It took him months to even understand his own circumstances and for a while he told everyone he has stomach cancer!!!!! He was happy just to leave it to the docs and to me. You can click on my name to read what happened - we are one of the lucky ones!

Positivity is key to this so you just keep going. Agree with Liz about healthy eating and lifestyle though - this did mean Mike dealt with chemo very well.

Best of luck with it all. You've gone through a lot already so this is just one more hurdle to jump. Lots of love, Tiffany :x:

Rob Richardson

Thanks Tiffany and Liz. And so pleased to hear things turned out well for you both. In a strange kind of way I'm looking forward to the treatment, as I like a challenge and a bit over competitive, although I'm more than aware its not a game. Checked with the doc if its ok to walk my girlfriends dogs and she said yes so that's gonna be my main exercise, and also my personal space (have a kind of wood path nearby). And yes Liz I got wrong off a few people for working through pain a bit, mostly from my partner! But I take positively from anywhere I can, and keeping myself busy while I can and know I'll need to rest when I'm tired. No more just working through it ha!


Hey @Rob Richardson T3 N1 isn't too bad in the greater scheme of things. It's where I was. Click on name for self-regarding bio ;)