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mark j

Christmas meal

Ive just had a right side hemi colonectomy and hope to go home this week-end. Any advice on what to have for Christmas dinner ? Ive only been allowed mashed Potato and gravy so far


Hi @mark j, hope that you are feeling ok after the operation. I had mine in October and ate a lot of macaroni cheese around that time! Do you have a Stoma? When I escaped hospital my mum cooked a mini roast dinner. I found roast potatoes, parsnips, broccoli, cauliflower cheese, carrot and swede mash were all ok to eat. Unfortunately green beans, leeks and baby corn were no go areas! Would advise having much smaller portions than normal and well cooking all the vegetables so they are soft and easy to digest. Sorry but as a veggie I can’t advise on meat! Best of luck with escaping hospital this weekend :x::x:


I had the same op a yr ago today and Christmas dinner was my first solid food in hospital. I had turkey, roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips, stuffing and Yorkshire pudding. I still find peas a bit iffy but am find with broccoli and leeks. Mince pies were a huge no no, luckily I didn't try one till I got home and was in the loo after a few bites.

mark j

Thanks jomo9 luckily i didnt have a stoma as i still have the left side intact but the doctor has just been round and said I can go home today which is good news macaroni cheese sounds a good idea and will avoid green beans
Also thanks scruffy sheep I will avoid mince pies peas and broccoli but maybe try a bit of turkey .were either of you able to drink wine or bΓ©er?


Hi @mark j and welcome to the forum!

Well done on having your op and heading home just in time for Christmas! Great excuse for sitting around being waited on hand and foot haha!

I don't have advice on foods to eat or avoid but just go with caution? As long as you have access to a lovely loo then any problems you encounter, you can spend some time there! Probably a small amount and go easy on the veg. As Brussels sprouts are pretty notorious for causing windy problems, maybe avoid them? 😱

Above all, enjoy being home and having your op all done and dusted! Well done you!

Lots of love and very best wishes

Karen πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€οΈπŸ’™

mark j

Thanks Karen -from reading your profile I feel I have got off lightly as I had the operation on Wednesday and am now feeling ok and looking forward to discharge I'm hoping I'm cured but won't know until the new year when the tests come back
Best wishes for Christmas and new year and thanks for your support


You're very welcome @mark j

I probably need to update my profile actually! I'm doing just fine!

Best wishes for a lovely Christmas



@mark j I don't really drink much alcohol and not beer or wine andxas I said I was in hospital on Christmas Day but I did have something on New Year's Eve but can't remember exactly what but Disararno, or Bailleys probably.

gemd281280 (Essex )

Hi mark , I had operation on 22nd November and have been carefully with what I eat , I have been on the low residue low fibre diet since October when I was diagnosed. Last weekend I drunk and eat what I wanted and completly over indulged and I've suffered for it this week with loose bowel and bloated etc . I would say enjoy what you want but in moderation. I have been having a glass of wine most days and been fine. I do plan on over indulging again on Christmas day and my upcoming birthday and happy to face the consequences days after :x::x:
Merry Christmas and enjoy the beer 🍻🍻:x:

Pixie O

Hi @mark j glad to hear you're homeward bound, the very best place to be! I'd suggest trying smaller portion Christmas dinner (everything) and chewing really well. I'm turning into Candice Marie from Nuts In May πŸ˜‰. Here's the quote from the film....

Candice Marie : Keith?

Keith : Mmm.

Candice Marie : You know you always tell me to chew everything 72 times?

Keith : Mmm.

Candice Marie : Well I don't think that can be right, because, um for instance you're chewing nuts now, and they have to be chewed 72 times because they're very hard. But earlier on I was eating mushroom, and I only got to 31 and it slipped down my throat quite naturally. So it doesn't always have to be 72 times does it?

Keith : [long pause while chewing] I think the important thing is to uh, use your discretion

mark j

Thanks pixie o . I haven't seen that film but will try and watch it soon -it sounds very funny . I'm back home now and everything's fine
Best wishes and Happy Christmas
Mark :x:

Pixie O

That's brilliant news @mark j and very timely. Have a great time and keep your feet up πŸ˜‰