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Chemo and gout

When I saw the oncologist for the first time the other day, he said I had to stop taking the Allopurinol tablets I take two of each day a week before it starts. I said that my gout attacks tend to be stress related (hhhmm..funnily enough a bit stressed just now) and what happens if I get an attack as I’ll be in considerable pain and won’t be able to get to my appointments. He felt sure it wouldn’t happen that I’d get an attack!

So does anyone out there have any experience of this? I don’t drink and Xmas for me will be very quiet so there will be no copious amounts of red wine and lots of fatty foods.......commonly thought of for being the reason for gout.

If anyone out there has gout or knows someone with it, they will know that it’s excruciating. So, lovely people.....any thoughts?


Hi @Calleyh
You never know, your oncologist might be right! I remember that the only question my GP asked me was about the positive side effects of chemo. ....in my case a great complexion! It certainly has some weird effects, so I would only worry about gout if it happens.

You might even feel less stressed, as during chemo, all the worrying is taken out of your hands.

Best wishes :x::x:


A reply! Thought it might be the first question ever which didn’t get one. Well, a great complexion would certainly be nice. Even better would be if it got rid of the wrinkles! I certainly hope I don’t get an attack as it is excruciating and I can’t walk and wouldn’t be able to get to my radiation appointments. So let’s hope for no snow either!

Happy Xmas!