Life with bowel cancer

Rob H

My blog

Started a blog. its a bit behind where i am at the moment. I have a lot of my thoughts on my computr so collating them into a blog.
any comments advice would be good thanks


hopefully the link will work

Polly 1

Looks like it will be a very well written blog @Rob H thanks for writing it

Love to you both :x:

Rob H

thanks polly :x:


@Rob H = hi there - yes just lovin yr blog and waiting for more ......
I raise my glass to you sir in this season


Hi @Rob H loved reading your blog it is so close to my own story as my hubby Jeff was diagnosed in March with incurable bowel cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy and determined to continue to fight it for as long as possible. He is also 53 and we also live in Caerphilly just opposite the beautiful castle. Keep blogging and fighting your diagnosis and have a luvly Xmas :x::x::x:

Pixie O

Hi Rob H. I thought that was very well written and I look forward to reading more. I was planning on writing a blog. I kept a diary for a month or so then it slipped (probably as I came to terms with my diagnosis and treatment). Well done and keep it up. Have a good Christmas and I hope you have many more young man 🎅😉


Hi @Rob H

I think a blog is a great idea and have found them all to be informative, interesting and motivational. So good luck :x: