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Early menopause after chemo-rad

Hey all, wanted to hear from folk going through early menopause due to chemo-rad. How are you doing....any top tips?
I think things are just kicking off for me, experiencing proper cold.sweats and hot flushes! Also....does joint pain come into it?
I got some raised eyebrows yesterday at CT scan when I said it had been 6 weeks since period but I was due I wasn't pregnant.....took me a while to realise why they'd be concerned! Anyway no way I'm pregnnant so was happy to sign all the form etc.


I'm not sure what's going on. My period are all over the place and day one is horrendous. I had to come home from work it was so bad. I've asked the GP to rest hormones via blood so they can see if I'm actually in menopause or not.
Annie :x:


Hi @lujabuck @1234annie
I'm a good bit older than you but after chemo I was struggling too. I mentioned it at reflexology and whatever she did, it sorted me out after that one session. May have been coincidence but might be worth a go. Good luck and hope you have a lovely Christmas :x::x:


Hi @lujabuck.
I went into early menapause pretty much straight after my 1 week of radiotherapy. My last period was 4 and bit years ago now! I did suffer a tad, especially with the flushes and especially at night. It was unbearable at times. For a short while I was on hormone patches (my oncologist had to give the nod first as I was on chemo at the time) and they did work really well for me, but because I needed a few surgeries I had to stop and start them until I just stopped altogether. Hormone replacement thickens the blood so you have to stop taking it at least 6 weeks prior to surgery. Perhaps speak with your GP about hormone replacement or any other therapy.
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My wife took evening primrose oil capsules after breakfast it helped with the cramps and sweats and she didn't suffer as bad from the change.



I’m interested in this thread too as I’m 5 weeks out of pelvic chemo radiation and just waiting for the hot flushes to hit...


Ladies.. I have been taking these herbal tablets and got them from boots . I had my ovaries removed and the hot sweats were very very bad. I checked with my oncolgist and he said they are ok to take as they are plant based oestrogen. They have stopped the hot sweats and other symptoms by 90% . So I certainly recommend them.


🎅🏻Hi and happy Christmas to all...🎅🏻
My periods stopped with the 1st mention of chemo Radiotherapy.... from being a perfect 28 day cycle to zip.... 0.... gone never to be seen again.... I got hormone levels checked after 6 months... no obvious change...GP declared menopause based on symptoms... ridiculous night sweats and slightly unpredictable mood swings which my fella would confirm!!!🤣🤣
I am trying out Holland and Barrett remedies currently... might give menopace a go next.. thanks for the suggestion @JulietheMeezermum


Well doctor called me back and said my bloods were normal so it doesn't sound like I'm in menopause does it!? I'm a bit shocked actually as I thought I would be after 6 months chemo. :x:


Just a positive comment . I have now been taking Menopace tablets as per my photo for 3 months . I realised today that I actually have to file my finger nails. It's the first time in 18 months they have grown to any length , without them splitting and breaking . They have been such a mess during and after chemo. Must mean the added calcium is working and my bladder and hot flushes have reduced by 90% . So certainly worth persevering.


Hello @lujabuck, I started getting night sweats a couple of weeks after my chemorad finished (~4 weeks on now). I've been advised to get a hormone check at the GP and have been advised by oncologist that HRT would only replace the hormones I'm no longer making so would not increase my risk of any other cancers, so it is safe till the age I'd normally go menopausal. I haven't had a period in years due to my Mirena coil so it's hard to be sure, but my oncologist has written to my GP with his recommendations to help me get what I need. Hope this helps. :x:


Oh and also! A tip! I got something called a Chillmax pillow from JML, which is a cold insert for your pillowcase. I found it really helps with the hot flushes at night. Failing that, a wet flannel stays remarkably cold all night! There is something called a Chillow as well, but you have to fill that with water and it has been known to leak.

I was having trouble getting back to sleep after waking up with the flushes, with cancer stuff going round my head, so have also been trying an app called Headspace, plus a sleep mask to block out every bit of light. It all helps.


@heidee @JulietheMeezermum @1234annie @snowsister i have somehow only just discovered all these wonderful comments. So good to hear of people experiencing similar!! Tbh I've just been enduring it but there are some great tips here.
I'm awake first night at home after bowel resection....absolutely drenched in sweat!'s been nice having daily sheets changes in hospital...i won't get that at home!!