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Dehydrated mother....

My mum has recently had a sub total Colectomy and has been readmitted with dehydration.
She is 82 and knows her own mind 😉
She hates dyoralyte, and just seems to be drinking tea/coffee and lucozade sport.
What can I get her to try to keep her rehydrated at home?
Thanks :x:


Has she got an Ileostomy? In any event, you should be concerned about what is coming out, as well as what is going in.

In my case, my stoma output was very high, and like your mum, I detest electrolyte drinks. Just remember, food can be as important as fluid too.

What worked for me was increasing salty foods, Horlicks and loperamide.

Up to 8mg of loperamide 4 times a day is usually fine, and higher doses are sometimes prescribed. I took 4mg 30 mins before food. This should slow things down, but there are other things they can add if it doesn’t.

Horlicks made with milk, I was going through a litre a day. I didn’t drink tea or coffee at all for two weeks.

My stoma nurse also recommended more salty food based on my blood tests.

For example, a roast beef sandwich, (salted butter and extra sea salt on the sandwich, white bread), with sea salt crisps. Tomato soup with cheese on toast was a fav too.

I got back in balance within about two weeks.

The citric acid in the Lucozade Sport “might” act like a diuretic, so might be making thing worse - but too much plain water isn’t good either.


Yes she has an ileostomy, forgot that bit.
Everything you have suggested she would eat, so that is a great start


Hi @CK
My dad had an ileostomy and frequently became dehydrated, resulting in hospital stays and much frustration from me.

Then I ended up with an ileostomy, so I can understand the problem!

@HappyAtom has some great suggestions. After a lifetime of minimising salt, it seems wrong to start eating loads but it does work.
I also made a point of drinking regularly (sports drinks plus a bag of crisps!) and even kept a tally.

Perhaps you and your mum could discuss it together and come up with a menu plan/timetable .......with hindsight I wish I had discussed these things with my dad!

Eventually my body readjusted, so be prepared to alter the plan regularly.

Best wishes to you both :x::x:


I have an ileostomy and am back on Folfox chemo. The chemo causes really active diarrohea and I get very dehydrated.
I have been told to drink Lucozade Sport and salty foods. (I can't stand Dioralyte)
I have also been told to up my loperamide to 32mg per day.
This helps rehydrate me.