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Life beyond bowel cancer


CT v Pet Scan

Hi everyone

Hope everyone has had a kind Christmas :x::x:

Advice needed.....I had a scan just before Christmas (routine I’ve been In remission for 10 month) and have just received a call to say I’ve now been booked in for a PET scan on Monday which has been ordered by my surgeon. Is a PET scan different from a CT scan ?? Does this mean they could have found something on my CT scan???. My anxiety is at an all time high 😩 :x::x:


So my wonderful bowel nurse called me back ... bad news... they suspect something on my liver, little, but noticeable hence the PET scan. I really don’t want to go through this again 😫 :x::x:


Ok @Clairelou, you are a little further in understanding why they are wanting to do a PET scan and the good thing is that the hospital is being proactive and thorough rather than just watching and rescanning in say three months. None of what I have just said will help your fears I know, but IF it turns out to be suspicious they can act very quickly. Sending you lots of hugs, please stay in touch, Kim :x::x:


@Clairelou not what you wanted to hear, your team seem very efficient (including your nurse ringing), again I agree with @Lirio345, they are being proactive with the scan on Monday.
Sending you lots of positivity and best wishes :x::x::x:


@Clairelou they are being very very thorough with the pet, rather than just watching it which is excellent news. There can be lots of things on the liver so try not to panic just yet (easier said that done i know!!) Charlie recently had a possible cyst on his liver, i freaked out, and they adopted a watch and wait till next scan, it sent me in a spin, luckily it vanished. Hang in there, your team are doing everything, big hugs :x::x::x:

terri m

Hi @Clairelou .. So sorry to hear you are having the worry of this.. I can imagine exactly how you must be feeling. Hope everything goes well for monday. Thinking of you. Love & hugs 💝:x::x::x:


Hi @Clairelou I am with @charleyb and everyone else. You have a thorough team. I had same situation and my anxiety was sky high because of course there is the wait. So big sympathy my friend. In my view PET scan is the king of scan as it shows early activity and if it comes back clear as we all hope it will be a massive relief


@Lawsey @terri m @charleyb thank you - that initial shock has sunk in a little and feeling a little more positive today. Going to occupy myself with nice things and I’m 40 on Monday so celebrate that too. Hope your all have an amazing new year thanks again for the support :x::x::x::x:


Will keep everything crossed for you @Clairelou it's all very scary. As the girls above have said it's good they are sending you for a PET straight away. Hugs :x: :x: :x:


@1234annie lovely to hear from you - it’s all so scary I was getting use to normalish life again and wham!!!! Trying not to google before I know what’s going on. How are you doing? :x::x::x:


Echoing the above. I was in the same position two years ago when two new spots were seen on my liver which eventually turned out to be cysts. I was also operated on earlier this year as another spot was found at the end of 2017. This thankfully also turned out to be non cancerous. The benefit of regular surveillance is that they can treat anything untoward very quickly and your team sound very good.
Wishing you the best for your results. Ps happy 40th.


That’s great @nat 😊
Happy 40th to you @Clairelou and more positive thoughts for the best results for tomorrow :x:


A Pet Scan shows more than a CT scan think it's more precise.
Before i had surgery i had many MRI, CT scans but the last one was a Cat.

Think positive. :x::x:


Good luck @Clairelou .. hopefully it will be ok and good that they are checking and on it .. .scans are the worst time I think, try not to worry but I know easier said than done ! Sending you love xxx Annie :x::x::x:

Quote from @Clairelou:
@1234annie lovely to hear from you - it’s all so scary I was getting use to normalish life again and wham!!!! Trying not to google before I know what’s going on. How are you doing?

I'm ok thank you! Enjoying being back at work but I found the whole process very overwhelming. I'm a bit more settled now as its been 4 weeks and working with all the carers and nurses is very comforting at the blood bank 😊. Baby steps though, 1 year scan and bloods were ok but it never ends does it. More bloods Jan.... let us know how you get on. Your team defo sound on the ball which is brilliant. :x: :x:


@Clairelou Gah, I've only just seen this. Bloody cancer... Hoping and praying it turns out to be nothing. I'm still in limbo too. I still have two tiny dots in my lungs that my oncologist call 'concerning'. Shit word. Another scan for me in Jan. We can hold hands during our scanxiety. Here's to good news for us both. Lots of love :x::x::x:

terri m

I will be be keeping my fingers crossed for both of you for a pisitive outcome.. Good luck @Clairelou & @kidsversuscopy xxxx😘


@kidsversuscopy arghhhh... sooner I know, the sooner I can be ready to kick ass..(again) I’ve got everything possible crossed for us both :x::x::x:

@terri m thank you 😘:x::x::x:


Oh sympathy @Clairelou and now you have yet more waiting :x::x::x:


Hi suppose the consultant is being proactive as a cat scan shows more of our beautiful body's. But keep calm as hard as it might be.

George :x::x:


Yes hopefully wait over soon as waiting is agonising !! thinking positive thoughts for you much love xxx Annie :x::x::x: