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Life with bowel cancer


Follow ups

How often do people have their follow ups and what is involved :x:


Hi @HH

My follow ups are about every six months after I have my CT scan generally, but if I was on chemotherapy then every three months.

Positive healing all :x:


Hi @HH

I think you will find that the answer depends!

I was stage 3, so have 6 month nurse appointments to discuss any issues and a CEA blood test (irrelevant for me).

I was offered a ct scan 1 year, 2 year and 5 year after diagnosis (But managed to get a 3 year scan and a colonoscopy due to minor but worrying problems)


@HH My hubby has scans and follow up every 2-3 months Best wishes Jan


Hi @HH I am the same as @Lizalou 6 monthly check up with Colorectal nurse and CEA blood check, again like Lizalou might be a bit irrelevant as my tea was low when diagnosed. I had a ct scan after chemo and a colonoscopy a year from my operation, then a ct scan at year 1. I will have a scan at year 2 and 3 then year 5. Not sure at the moment if this will change due to a couple of spots on liver which they seem to think are not cancerous but have said they will monitor through scans,


I was stage 3 but had suspicious activity in lungs was scanned and bloods done every 3 months for 2 years, every 6 months for another 2 years. Colonoscopy at 1 year and 5 years.:x::x:


Hi @HH. I was stage 3 and have had a follow up with the oncologist every 3 months since completing chemo (last January) and this will go to 6 monthly after March this year. I've been on the Add Aspirin trial since April and this seems to bring about an extra level of monitoring. The colonoscopy I had 12 months after surgery was fine so I was told they would review me in 3 years. But at my last Oncologist appointment in December (when they also review the trial progress) I was told I'd have a routine follow up CT scan in March - but also another colonoscopy as this is required for the Aspirin trial! I'm not complaining (apart from the Moviprep part!!), at least they are keeping good tabs on me.