Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


Anyone else with this problem???

I had my operation almost 3 months ago and initially had to eat tiny portions often (or I got terrible bloating and wind) now sorry for this bit ... I dreaded going to the loo - which was many times a day.., because going was so uncomfortable (actually worse than that..,bearing down like I was giving birth) with very little produced.. it was soft stools and not constipation though. I explained to my surgeon at my 6 week check up and he prescribed fybogel for 2 months which helped and I was able to increase my portion sizes to about two thirds of my normal size, and I avoid foods that I was advised about. On Christmas day I ate what I wanted but only 2 sprouts! It was a bigger portion than normal and that evening it resulted in me lying on the bed with frequent visits to the toilet for a couple of hours, but I'm okay with this.., I had a lovely day so it was worth the short discomfort. But now I have finished the fybogel and I am going back to many visits a day to the loo and the childbirth like pain! I have recently been attending a bowel cancer support group but so far I haven't met anyone else experiencing this, has anyone else come across this?? :x::x::x:


Hi @mops that is unpleasant and worrying for you. I have not experienced the same problems but have different problems I think it takes a while for bowel to settle down but three months is considerable length of time. You may want to message the nurse and ask that the scan be sooner


Dear @mops. I think I would go back and ask for a repeat prescription of the fybogel. Ring up the GP on Monday and ask/insist on some advice/help. Don't continue to suffer over the New Year break.


Thanks @Lawsey and @Gypsy .., I have made 5 visits to the loo so far today! It wasn't as bad this with the fybogel so I'm going to ring my GP on Monday and ring the colorectal nurses too.., they did mention a scan before the fybogel but as things started to improve I think it's gone on the back burner. :x::x::x:

Bear G

Hi @mops
I’d definitely follow up with your doctor on this, initially with your GP and ideally with your surgeon.
You know fybogel can help and it’s quite a natural thing, you could also ask about loperamide (Imodium) which could help as it slows down Bowel transit (I use this).
I’d also suggest keeping a food and poo diary (fun) so you can see if anything helps or irritates it.
Big hugs


I've had this problem on and off. I was beginning constipated due to the anti sickness tablets I was being given, them had a severe reaction to the chemo.

I was going to the loo a lot, this latest cycle they have given me laxido to take and it's certainly helped me. They said that I was only passing overflow despite thinking I had diarrhoea, it was actually constipation :x:


Hi @Bear G @Adnyl yes I definitely need to get this sorted, I did keep a 'foodpoo' diary (never ever thought this would be a term I'd use! :) ) until the fybogel improved things, also some of what i pass is mucus so I realise it's unwise to leave it to sort itself out, thanks all :x::x:


Hi husband also suffered the overflow problem...very unpleasant and confidence draining. He saw the Continence nurse at the hospital..referred by his colorectal nurse...and she said it was constipation. .to stop all Loperamide. .and to take Laxido until it cleared. We duly did this !! It certainly cleared!!
He has been off Loperamide since a while before Christmas. ...has been having more normal and far less frequent bowel movements. .still the odd bad reaction to some foods..tomato type sauces set him off......but ate loads over Christmas.'s a whole new world at the moment He is now7 and a half months post reversal.. Fingers crossed you can get sorted out. Lots of love.:x::x::x:


Hi @abergirl I've just rung my GPs and explained my 'plumbing problems' I have to ring back after lunchtime to see what he advises... from what I've read on the forum it's not unusual to have hiccups for a while after surgery., it's just a pain in the bum right now! Hope you and husband have a great 2019 :x::x:


Hiccups perfectly describes it..and everyone is a bit different!!! Hope help is forthcoming and you soon feel lots better. Let me know!! It's a beautiful frosty morning here...must get some fresh air with hubby and enjoy the sunshine.:x::x::x:


Hi @abergirl , I'm back on fybogel but I have told I need to drink much more water than I am doing! I like my mugs of tea but apparently water is best, I'm going to try one glass of water for every cup of tea! And a lovely walk always helps too! :x::x:


Well done should feel lots better soon...what a palaver isn't it?! :x::x::x: