Life beyond bowel cancer


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Just reading the article published in the daily mail

And the comments ... am I the only person who's changing my diet now?


That's really interesting. When I tested our tap water it was very high in nitrates. 😔


I have never eaten bacon and still got cancer !


Not sure on the whole diet bit. I agree certain foods do help clean the bowel as they pass yes.
However my diet is extremely good and i still got it. If you look at the world population and diets and bowel cancer then 80% of the world should have it......if it is a diet based disease.


@EssexDan quite agree. I wish it was as simple as that. There are loads of articles on this topic = and all of them are news!! Our waiting room is full of healthy looking people and they all have cancer and cancer was known in ancient times when the grub was good. I wish it was that simple.
Happy New Year to you


A happy new year to you too @Hans

Bear G

It isn’t that simple that if you change one thing then you do or don’t get bowel cancer, I wish it was. I think only lung cancer is so clear cut and even there you see some people who smoked like chimneys and didn’t get the disease.

For bowel cancer I think around 50% of people with bowel cancer have no known cause.

There are some environmental factors that can have an effect, such as a diet high in processed foods and low in fibre, so the advice to reduce this makes sense.

When asked for advice when I give talks on the subject, I say that it’s a good idea to try to eat a balanced diet (eat less processed food, eat more veggies), exercise a bit more and do things that make you happy / try to reduce stress. This advice addresses the main known environmental factors so could help reduce the risk of bowel cancer but importantly is good for general health and would put you in a better position to handle treatment should they get cancer.

It’s like the CRUK campaign to reduce obesity - being overweight is a clear risk factor for many cancers but again it’s not absolute, it’s just a matter of doing things to try to reduce the overall risk.

Hope that helps a bit.



@Bear G hear hear sir! And Happy New Year to you.
I am fed up with these academic types who all cry 'Eureka' mainly to grab a newspaper fee and ignore the obvious.
As you wisely say = a little of what you fancy does you good = and there are many steps before cancer starts - one maybe food,
but as someone said 'There are known unknowns and unknown unknowns = all we can be sure of is if the unknown unknowns affected the known ones then the results maybe unexpectedly unknown!'

Quote from @1234annie:
That's really interesting. When I tested our tap water it was very high in nitrates. 😔

It's nitrite not nitrates :x:

Quote from @Scardycat:
I have never eaten bacon and still got cancer !

I don't often eat it, but I have eaten ham and processed meats as well as red meats most days :x:


I always find it difficult when we are told certain things can cause cancer it makes it like we have caused this ourselves and then everything that goes into our mouths makes us feel guilty.
I for one love my food I eat whole meal bread plenty of vegetables pasta and rice
I don’t eat very much meat only occasionally.I don’t exercise as such but having nine children running a charity being a carer is exercise alone. I have never smoked and yes I got rectal cancer and I was always the healthiest in my family.....