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New Years eve

Hello my lovely lot , it’s a 1140 and the end of another year , Geoff’s had a tear in his retina operated on yesterday, not cancer related thankfully... just another reminder how delicate our bodies can be , sat in bed with a glass of wine with Geoff asleep next to me , grateful that he is,,, ! But as always scared off a new year !,,
But I’ve signed up for dry January! God help me 😂😂😂😂 .... so on that note I wish each and every one of you the best new year you can have...
I thank each and everyone of you for all your support
Lots of love to you all Tracey :x::x::x::x::x::x::x:


Hi @sweetcheeks. Have sympathy on retina front. I had a detached retina a few years back. Happy New year to you both. Take it very easy :x::x::x:


Have a brilliant New Year :x::x:


Hi @sweetcheeks.....hope hubby's eye heals quickly. I love that you were seeing the New Year in bed with a glass of wine!! I am thinking of doing dry January too......good luck ...will check in with you if ok? :x::x:

abergirl are things today for you both? I have managed nearly 4 days of Dry January!! Lots of tea!!! Hope Geoff's eye healing well. :x::x::x:


Happy New Year @sweetcheeks I think my resolution may be to drink more and enjoy 2019 because 2018 was pretty s**t
It is all over now ....the beast from the south is gone and we are looking forward to a little less worrying and stressing
Love Cath :x::x:


Never mind the retina op @sweetcheeks, I think you’re super brave to even consider dry January! 😂 Good luck coz I’m with @KatieR, 2018 was totally pants and only wine and gin will get me through 2019! Lol 😆 :x::x::x:


@SMR @KatieR ... lol believe me in doubting my decision now 🥂🥂🥂.... 😂😂 happy new year, :x::x::x:


@SMR ...Please don’t forget Cakes and Chocolate
Though I have just eaten a whole Pomelo and may regret it tomorrow ! !
Cath ...:x::x:


Aww can do it!! I have been sorely tempted today..hubby either grumbling about everything on the TV. or asleep....hopefully a good night's sleep will help him feel more cheerful tomorrow. ...hope I sleep too! It's hard sometimes to bite my tongue...but I try to remember what he has been through...and has a colonoscopy to come. Grrrr. ...b***** cancer!!


@abergirl , I’m exactly the same , I have found myself becoming iterated, and I have to remind myself what an awful time Geoff’s been through.... but us other halves have been through the mill as well, I often think back to life before C ... if only we knew then what we know now ... I would of appreciated a lot more!!!!
We can do this !!!!🥰🥰🥰 :x::x::x:


@sweetcheeks , wishing you a peaceful new year. Just imagine how lovely the wine will taste after a month off!😊:x::x:


A whole new day! Onwards and upwards . Husb.woke up with a smile......fingers crossed! Happy wine free Saturday lol! :x::x: