Stage 4 bowel cancer


Surgery for my wife next Thursday (10th Jan)

Evening everyone

So today we met with the professor of surgical oncology and we were told that Surgery will be taking place next Thursday if all goes to plan. Now my naievaty thought this was going to be a fairly straightforward operation where they would talk through what they would do and sew everything back up, however it would appear these things are not that simple.

Firstly, they will need to begin with removing a section of the Colon (transverse section) possibly another part depending on how deep it has gone. This will then need to be either reattached if possible, but the likelyhood is that a Stoma bag will be put in. Then they discussed about the possible areas around that could be affected but the scan has not picked up. The left Ovary is almost certainly going to be removed as this is a potential breeding ground for spread. The Ureter is also in the vicinity which is likely to have some issues because of its location to the tumour, therefore the removal of a section of it or potentially removal of a kidney if there are signs of spread to that area. Then the psoas muscle could also have to be either removed or a part of it cut off as there could be signs of mutated cells here, this will limit mobility in the leg on the left side. They have also suggested that they use IORT Treatment (Intraoperative Radiation Therapy) this takes place whilst she is on the surgical table which apparently is only used in one location in the UK. I feel I could keep writing, but I feel so overwhelmed by this.


all the surgeon will do their best to avoid stoma and will do their best to join the colon i was 63 when i had my colon resection and they join the colon it was in 2013 and since i have no problem so do not worry and think about it


Good morning @Gareth1980 how are things thismorning? Hoping your wife's operation went well yesterday..and that you have a better idea now of what's going to happen as she recovers. Sending lots of love to you both. One of my son's is also Gareth! :x::x::x:


Morning everyone. Your comments, thoughts and prayers has kept me going and the advice has been amazing. Yesterday my wife had a very successful 9 hour surgery in which they were able to remove the tennis ball sized tumour from her Colon. They were able to remove both secondary Liver Mets when originally we were told only one would be possible, this was a great success. Thankfully the Ureter and left Kidney were not involved after initial thoughts they would be so they remain inside her. She has been given a temporary bag with a view to reattach the Colon at a later date which is again better than expected. Overall we have been lucky that other major organs were not involved and the amazing surgeons and staff were able to do a great job and allow her to look forward to recovering well and moving onto Chemo in the near future.

I will of course keep posting about her recovery period feel very grateful that we have such amazing people in all capacities to help us through this very difficult time.

Thank you again and I will speak soon :x:


This is brilliant news to read @Gareth1980

You must both feel so relieved!! Now, it's time to focus on her recovery. Please look after yourself too!

Loads of love and my very best wishes to you both!

Karen 💚💛💜💙❤️


Gr8 news @Gareth1980 ; wishing ur dear wife a steady & full recovery & wishing ur family all the v best :x:


Ah such great news to read @Gareth1980 .Take a breath now...onwards and upwards . Big hugs to you both.:x::x::x:


Great news @Gareth1980 I hope your wife makes a speedy recovery.


@Gareth1980 - glad to hear that the operation went well and sending best wishes that your wife makes a good recovery. :x::x:


Good news @Gareth1980 , thanks for updating us. Best wishes to you both :x::x:


Hello @Gareth1980, that is great news! Please do stay in touch and take care both of you, Kim :x::x:


That sounds like very good news @Gareth1980 . Very best wishes to you both. :x:


What great news @Gareth1980 such a relief when news is much better than expected .. lots of love and recovery positive thoughts annie :x::x::x:


This is so wonderful to read @Gareth1980 - well done to you all! What s fantastic outcome :x::x:


That sounds like great news @Gareth1980 !
Best wishes for a good recovery now 😊


So pleased to read this @Gareth1980 . Sending love & good wishes to you and your wife :x::x:


Wishing your wife a good and gentle recovery @Gareth1980 and so pleased that the operation went well and is behind her now. Love Gypsyxx


Such good news to read. Now is the time to rest and recover. Best wishes for your future together be gentle on yourselves baby steps are best . gentle hugs :x::x:

island girl

@Gareth1980 best wishes to you both, sending lots love & big hugs 🤗🤗:x::x:


Great News . Best Wishes


Thats the Best news @Gareth1980 The bag is a shock at first but after a week or two it becomes so easy and much better than you imagine ..
We got a lot of good advice from videos on YouTube I never would have believed that YouTube was so informative
Cath :x::x: