Younger people with bowel cancer

gemd281280 (Essex )

Worried of new pain post op ...🤔🤔😫 no

Hi all,

Had my surgery on 22nd November ( sigmoid colon removed from left ) and no stoma 🙌. I felt quite good after surgery however the last week or so I've been getting pains and other symptoms I used to get but now on my right side ( wind is painful until it's released 🤭 and a lot of pain around my hip area. Has any one else had this ( I'm 6 weeks post op Tomo ) and getting a bit worried

Also I have a appt this Friday with my surgeon and wonder what sort of questions I should be asking as my brain is live a sieve ( it was found in 3/19 lympth nodes) so I also have 1st oncology next Friday to sort out chemotherapy
Thankyou :x::x:


Hello @gemd281280 (Essex )
Regarding the pain ...once cancer has entered your life Every pain is going to be cancer until proved otherwise
Six weeks post op is really only a few days since you had Major Surgery and a jolly big shock !
all your insides will have been disturbed during the operation especially keyhole when they inflate you with gas so that they can see what they are doing
Also the six week mark is when a lot of people start to get a bit giddy ,do a bit too much activity and sometimes resume driving which can all agrivate muscles that havent been used for a while ?
Keep a diary of what’s happening Write questions down as you think of them Make lists and don’t forget to take it with you when you go to see your Specialist
Keep in touch We are here to help and support you :x:
Cath :x::x:

gemd281280 (Essex )

Hi @KatieR ,
Thank you for your reply and I get what you say , I'm self diagnosing myself with all sorts at the moment. I'm hoping once I've seen my surgeon post op tomorrow he will put my mind at rest about it too. ♥️


Hi @gemd281280 (Essex )

I totally agree with @KatieR . I found that, every time I felt a bit stronger, I would do too much, end up with mysterious pains and then worry myself silly! This went on for months!

Hopefully, your surgeon will reassure you, but yes, keep a diary and note your small improvements.


Lots of pain, mine was above the sigmoid. Lots of twinges and worry!! My tumor was just above the sigmoid so I had the whole left side taken too. Keep calling your colorectal nurse for reassurance. Six weeks isn't very long so I'd still expect aches and pains for a while yet. :x: :x:


Hi @gemd281280 (Essex ) I can remember all the aches and pains you mention. As others have said your body has been through a lot, and it takes a while for things to settle down. However I would definitely write down your concerns, and don’t be afraid to mention them to your surgeon. If you are in a great deal of pain please contact your nurse. Hope you start to feel better soon Diane :x::x:


Hope all goes well with your appointment today @gemd281280 (Essex )

Lots of love


gemd281280 (Essex )

Thank you for takimg the time to message me. ♥️
Don't really know much more apart from stage 3 cancer T4N1 which doesn't mean much to me . Got oncology next week where will find out more about treatment etc. Will have a CT scan 1st to check other areas ( although I did have CT post op in October that confirmed no spread to liver or lungs ) then after chemo another colonoscopy to remove the other non cancer polyps that were found on original colonoscopy and check the rest of the bowel that they couldn't check last time as tumour was in was blocking at sigmoid to go any further and to check it all.
19 lympth nodes removed and cancer found in 4 that was about to go though the lining of bowel into other parts as was pushing ( so I'm feeling grateful right now it was caught when it was ) but still confused and scared about what's ahead . :x:

My surgeon also mention about being genetic and to get my siblings to bget checked , has anyone else had this request ? :x::x: :x:


hi again, @gemd281280 (Essex ) . Your tumour sounds very similar to mine in almost pushing past the bowel wall, except my colonoscopy managed to get past it.
As I had a number of 1st cousins who were also diagnosed with bowel cancer, we did have genetic tests but which were negative.
It's very worrying at this very early stage for you but once you get more and more info, it becomes a lot easier to process and manage.
But even during the course of my treatments, more and more were being refined and improved, on top of an astounding improvement in bowel cancer treatments and outcomes.
Hope that's helped a bit?


Hi there! I was diagnosed a month after you on the 6th November and had keyhole surgery on 16th Jan. Weirdly I don’t know the stage of my cancer as this was never mentioned, but guessing it was either 1 or 2 as luckily my was caught early. It had spread slightly but into the surrounding blood vessels (not lymph nodes). Wish I had asked more questions now when I had seen my surgeon last. I too feel pain in lots of places and my tummy is still very unsettled. I’m almost too scared to eat much because I never know when my tummy is going to go. It’s ok when I’m at home but if I’m out and about or doing the school run then I just don’t eat. I think some of the pain could possible be muscle pain too and I guess everything is still healing. I sooo know how you’re feeling right now...I guess time will help to adjust to it all. Also having chemo. Be interested to hear how you get on and what it’s like. Not looking forward to it myself. Good luck to you :x: