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My Weight !!!

Hi All May I ask please if anyone has suffered from any food likes and dislikes since having the all clear with Bowel Cancer. I was diagnosed 2016 Stage 3 Had operation and Chemo .Going in tomorrow for the removal of large polyp since my all clear. I seem as if my interest in food has completely gone haywire.
I don’t know if it has anything to do with all what Ive been through (chemo) !! I can’t even look at red meat now which I suppose is a good thing. I only eat fish (so good) and occasionally chicken/Turkey.But has anyone else found their appetite all over the place. I seem to fancy something then when I cook it I don’t want it . I was never like this before and have always enjoyed my food . But can go to extremes with food I shouldn’t eat. I have little taste now. My sense of smell is also affected. So wonder it it is physiologically. Lida


Hi @LIDA ....just don't mention fishfingers to me, ever!. Definitely associate them with chemo sickness.

But I have read your story and I expect it is still early days for you. I saw an oncology counsellor who explained that if you have been ill for 18 months (pre diagnosis, operation, chemo etc) it will take another 18 months to start feeling normal again. At 1st that sounds depressing, but actually it helps to be kind to yourself and to go with the flow.

Best wishes for tomorrow's treatment. It is great that you are being well cared for, but it doesn't help you to relax, does it! Take care :x::x:


eats mainly @LIDA yes and yes. After all the treatment my wife is a load more picky with her food and chicken and fish with veggie. Happy New Year


Snap @LIDA. Exactly the same with me. I was Stage 3 diagnosed in 2017. At the moment, I could live on mince pies only! All the best for removal of your polyp and outcome. A Happy New Year to you. xxx 🤗


Hi @LIDA , Geoff was lucky enough not to require any chemo , but his tastes have changed dramatically since surgery, we no longer eat the same meals he basically is fine with Wetherspoon veg small breakfast,
Microwave jacket spuds at home or chicken steaks ; basically chicken nuggets) it’s a nightmare, I’ve given up doing meals for him as he dreads meal times and was making him stressed!!!
Good luck


Hi @LIDA! Seems like a lot of us have had changes to our eating habits. My problem is that I never get hungry, so I tend to skip meals, which has led to a great reduction in my weight. Also, when I do eat, what doesn’t affect me today will have profound effects tomorrow! My sense of smell is also haywire, but I can still eat chocolate, so that’s a silver lining! My advice is just to go with the flow and eat what you fancy - hopefully things will settle down. 😀


My Goodness Thanks to all How I wish I had found this site when I was first diagnosed it really is and you are Godsends.. I thought it was only me. Lida


Good luck with polps operation.



I'm the same. I was diagnosed stage 3 my Colon removed. Sometimes an hour after eating I have to rush to the loo. It makes no difference what I eat. I was told to take imodium. I can't carry on like this forever.


Hi @LIDA eat intuitively - what your body tells you it needs
for first two days after chemo only thing I can stomach is jacobs crackers and try to keep up with fluids
I have always eaten intuitively and healthy - not that it seems to have done me any good