Life beyond bowel cancer


Reasons to be cheerful - Part 5

Well today is the two year anniversary of my high anterior resection (with temp ileostomy) after diagnosis in August 2016 followed by long course chemo radiation.

Still no evidence of disease, although waiting for my 2 year CT scan. No local recurrence confirmed in December.

I was terrified on diagnosis, completely catastrophised my outcome, I.e,. I thought I would be in a box before Christmas of that year.

My real low point was getting ileus after surgery, everything else I just dealt with because - well you have to, don’t you? I lost count of the people who told me I was brave - ha! Just rolling with the punches, not really brave IMHO.

But for anyone just diagnosed, and in the shock/horror/time is like treacle stage, there is hope.

The best advice I had was to take one step at a time and not to try to “eat the whole elephant at once” - it’s overwhelming if you try to do that.

So Kia kaha my friends, and thanks for all your support over the last two an a bit years. ❤️


You are totally inspirational.....all of you. 😘:x::x::x::x:


Fantastic. So encouraging. :x:


How fabulous and uplifting @HappyAtom - keep on keeping on! Helena :x::x:


That’s great to hear @HappyAtom! 😊🌟

terri m

Great news & happy anniversary :x::x::x:


wonderful news,all the best for many years to come.


Well done @HappyAtom !!:x::x::x:


Hello @HappyAtom Happy two year anniversary You have just made me break the Golden Rule of our forum family Do Not Google....but I had to check out ..Kia Kaha what a wonderful phrase for all of us....Stay Strong
Kia kaha to you toooooo :x:
Cath :x::x:


hello @HappyAtom great news :x:


Thank you @Baxter2 @Bear G @charleyb @Elisa76 @abergirl @xSazx @helena @bettebette @terri m @cyclingjohnny @Gypsy @KatieR @penjay1902 @island girl @GD62. I just thought I’d add this bit from an email I just sent to a friend:

“I've definitely got my wings back I had an email from Air New Zealand to say I'd flown 38 flights with them last year, totalling 68,000 kms. I also flew 4 flights with Alaskan, 2 with Silk Air and 2 with Garuda. Not bad considering I was grounded in August 2016. I was promoted at work in the middle of my treatment, and only had 17 weeks off work all told. Can't say cured yet for another three years, but if attitude has got anything to do with it I'll still be here”.

Aroha nui, kia ora koutou

(To save Katie googling that is “much love, be well everyone”).


What a fantastic, uplifting post @HappyAtom . Wishing you continuing good health :x::x::x:


Brilliant post so inspiring. Well done :x::x:


Fabulous @HappyAtom! 😊😀🌟💫


❤️ happy anniversary ❤️:x::x:


Big smiles all round @HappyAtom Good news is such a tonic for us all
Cath :x::x:


Wow! You're pretty amazing @HappyAtom! Well done you!

I'm also glad you've translated for us!

Loads of love,



@HappyAtom Congratulations 🍾😀


Great news and fab advice @HappyAtom ☺️ :x::x::x: