Life with bowel cancer


58 tomorrow

hi birthday boy here,have to say 2018 wasn't what i was expecting,anyway chemoradio went ok really,that was seven weeks ago,scans on 28 jan, my fitness is getting better every week, i am trying to get as fit as possible in the event of surgery, i managed 27 miles in 2 hours 25 mins this morning on the cycle,i am trying to stay positive and get through the next 4 weeks,and then get over the next hurdle,just like to say a big thanks to all the people on this wonderful site,cheers john.


Happy birthday John. What an inspiration you are, I am sure you will be well set for surgery when the time comes. Have a good birthday.


Happy Birthday for tomorrow @cyclingjohnny!

Hope you've planned a lovely day!

Best Wishes



Congratulations & happy birthday!


Happy birthday @cyclingjohnny your style for fitness matches mine. Keep up the good work and positive energies coming your way for treatment and recovery.


Well done for the fitness - I am sure it helps - I hope there is a little winter sun with you to celebrate your birthday @cyclingjohnny and that it will be a good year for you


Happy Birthday for tomorrow @cyclingjohnny . Well done on your fitness regime- very impressive! :x:


Wow @cyclingjohnny totally impressed with those miles ! I'm
Just putting down that chocolate biscuit 😁Happy Birthday ! Xxx Annie :x::x::x:


Happy birthday buddy.


Happy birthday to you :x:


Happy birthday @cyclingjohnny. I’m 58 later this month too and about 6 weeks behind you on what looks like a similar treatment plan, so I’ll be looking out for your progress. Can’t match your impressive fitness though - I’ll just be glad when I can take the dogs out on long walks again rather than a slow plod round the park (and so will they!). All the best.


I’m following too. Happy birthday, John. You have reminded me that I need to get out and get some exercise.


Have a good one 🎂🥂


Thanks everyone for messages,it means a lot, John

Bear G

Hope you’re having a fab birthday @cyclingjohnny


I went out for a walk today and ran part of it! I took note. Hope you are enjoying your birthday.


Hope you have enjoyed your birthday .:x::x: