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Hi my dad had a right hemicolectomy 12/10 and another op to rectify a kink 26/11 he wants to know when he start lifting weights at gym again any ideas?

Bear G

Hi @beckymc81
He should be ok to start gentle workouts but I’d suggest calling his surgeon or GP to check.
And then be gentle coming back to training, staring with things like Pilates.


Hello @beckymc81 ...There is no right time Six weeks three months
Was the operation keyhole or manhole !
If the tummy muscles are cut is there more chance of a hernia ...was the kink a hernia
Is he fit and strong or tired and a bit rundown ?
How does he feel after a short walk or a long walk ?
What about a big supermarket shop he tired when you get back home or does he put all the shopping away ?
My husband had his APR at the end of October and is still too tired to do the dishwasher!
Everything in moderation Really its only a few days since his last op
Are you asking because you are thinking its too early ? ...If you are worried then I would go with your instinct and say no it is too early maybe start with some gentle exercise at home and build up gradually?
Cath :x::x:


Thank you both. So he’s walking quite a lot he has an hour walk very day not tired at all ice only seen him asleep in his chair once since home. He used to do weights treadmill etc. He’s very conscious or weight and muscle loss ans wants to go back and asked me to find out for him on here thanks for helping :x:


His surgeon will be the best person to tell him, as he/she will know what he did to Dad during the op and corresponding recovery period @beckymc81 . :x::x:



It sounds to me like he is ready as long he starts with lifting lighter weights but there’s no harm in asking for a medical opinion.

I had open surgery and remember starting with low impact cardio (bike or cross trainer rather than running) and doing some gentle mat exercises that build up core strength and mobility, e.g. hip bridges or ‘bird dogs’.

If possible I would think about seeing a suitably qualified personal trainer or a physio for a one off session just so they can do a bit of an assessment and give some ideas.

Hope that helps!