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I have a colonoscopy tomorrow which l am absolutely dreading, mainly because I'm in pain already. I feel sick with the worry of it, but at least l will know if my colon is clear of not. I hope they offer me sedation and painkillers.

Bear G

Hi @suzanneanders55
I completely understand your worry but please be reassured that the colonoscopy procedure isn’t anywhere near as bad as it sounds.
I’ve had around 5 so far and none have hurt.
Depending on who’s doing it you may be given a light general anaesthetic (be knocked out), or given sedation etc, either way they’ll help you to be nicely relaxed.
Good luck for the scope, please let us know how you get on.
Big hugs


Hello @suzanneanders55 ...Yes Bear is right as always Its not half as bad as you imagine it to be They are very kind and gentle They do dozens of these tests every day and they know how anxious and terrified we all are ...most Colonoscopies are done to people who have pain bleeding or other upsetting symptoms They are very careful not do make anything worse
You will come home tomorrow and wonder why you were so worried ....Then you can start worrying about the results
We have all been where you are now and only a very small percentage of tests find anything at all to worry about
Cath :x::x:


Bear and Cath, you are both very kind, it's the unknown isn't it. I'm sure things will be ok and as you said Cath 'it's worrying about the results also. I'm hoping they will give me some indication of what they results are. Bless you both :x::x:


Dear @suzanneanders55 - please try not to worry too much, I've had 4 colonoscopies and tbh I found the prep drink worse and after the colonoscopy you'll get a nice cup of tea and some toast. I hope all goes well and sending you good vibes for a positive outcome. Hugs, Helena :x::x:


@suzanneanders55 I hope it goes well. Do not be shy of asking for sedation or painkiller if need be. Obviously best to get through them and complete and hopefully it will be painless for you. But if not let them know


You can ask for sedation and they give you Entonox. I felt mild discomfort a few times, like a low level ache when you get your period. I had never used Entonox before and I was nervous about that but it was fine.


Forgot to say that I was asked if I wanted to be given information at the time. I said yes. The consultant described everything as it happened and I watched on screen. You don’t have to have this if you don’t want it. He then came to talk to me later in Recovery. Talk to the nurse who will go through everything with you when you go in.


Hi @suzanneanders55 hope all has gone well for you. I think the prep is the worst part, I can honestly say I remember nothing at all about my colonoscopies. I wanted to be awake but I clearly wasn’t! Very best wishes Diane :x::x::x:


Hello @suzanneanders55 How are you feeling now its over ?
Cath :x::x:


@suzanneanders55 hope it went well and wasn't as bad as you thought .. best wishes Annie :x::x::x:


Good morning @suzanneanders55

Hope your colonoscopy went well yesterday and it wasn't as bad as you were imagining!

Lots of love



Very relieved, they took seven biopsys, just waiting for results now Cath :x: