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(So sorry for this question!) Passing wind the old fashioned way with ileostomy

Hi everyone, my hubby has had his temp ileostomy since June 2018 and this morning he told me that very recently he’s been doing what he described as ‘little farts’ through his bum. Only very occasionally but of course, in typical fashion its a weekend and there’s no one to phone and ask!

May I ask if this has happened to anyone else and should I be concerned about this?!

Thanks so much in advance.


Hello @Daisy1 My husband had wind ,slightly bloody mucus and quite often had a feeling like a big poo was on its way ( Tenesmus) We we’re assured this was all perfectly normal
Cath :x::x:

springer michelle

Yes thid is quite normal :x:


Thank you both so much. Yes, in the beginning he too had a little mucous but that soon stopped and there was nothing for months, but now suddenly just the little parps :)
I will not worry!
Thanks again :x::x: