Life beyond bowel cancer


My 2nd Colonoscopy !!!

Hello All. (Stage 3 Colon Cancer Op and 4 months Chemo 2017) ( Now Follow up) I have just had my 2nd Colonoscopy since last October. First one was on 30th October(After clear scan but raised CEA) 2nd yesterday. First one they found quite a large polyp of which photos were taken showing the Polyp. I had this done at one hospital and was recalled to go in to have it removed yesterday the 4th January at another hospital. It should have been sooner but I had a holiday booked and I delayed it because of my holiday and Christmas . I gathered it was not urgent. I went yesterday I had an 8 15 am appointment , did well with my Moviprep etc. They said I should have entinox . After 10 minutes my Endoscopist had to call in a more senior (I think) Endoscopist, as he couldn’t find the Polyp.Which had been tattooed at first scan.And neither could the other one. Think I was sedated about 1 hour altogether. (I was ok by the way) My bowel they said was perfect and after much talking it was decided I should come back in January 2020 .That the Polyp had disappeared ?? Has anyone had this experience. Does anyone know how this can happen. ?? Lida