Stage 4 bowel cancer


Dad is feeling very down...any tips??

Hi everyone!

Unfortunately, like a lot of people on here, my dad did not have a very good 2018! He got diagnosed with stage 4 with mets to liver in May after a hospital stay with a liver infection, contracted sepsis in June from an unknown infection which he spent a month in hospital for as they could not find the source, and has been on chemo ever since and has really been struggling since he lost his appetite. THEN on New Years day he had a seizure (which was terrifying!!) and was rushed to hospital and had an excruciating wait to find out whether his cancer had spread to his brain (thank god it hasn't, the drs believe it was a 'one off' as he had a stroke a couple years ago - hey ho apparently that can happen :-/).

Anyways, he wasn't doing too badly over xmas but unsurprisingly he has felt very down in the dumps since this latest hospital stay probably owing to how emotional it all was and also the fact its pushed his final chemo back..anyone have any advice on what I could do or say to lift his spirits or even make him feel even the tiniest bit better?


I am so sorry to hear this @Lauren19, sounds like you’ve had a really miserable time with it this year...
All I can say is that you just loving him and being there will be the best medicine you could give. I think as a loved one, we feel like we should be helping to make them feel better, but In reality that isn’t always possible, and the little tiny things you do every day are far more supportive than grand gestures. I’m sure you are doing absolutely fine just doing what you’re doing...
But I know you still want to feel like you’re making a difference, it’s tough. He is very lucky to have a wonderful daughter like you...