Stage 4 bowel cancer



Hi, hope everyone's as well as possible!

I was diagnosed with bowel cancer after emergency surgery last April. The surgeon found two small nodules in my peritoniem. Lympth nodes and all organs clear.

After finishing chemo in December at long last today I've finally received by appointment to see Mr Cecil at Bassingstoke on this Wednesday!. I've been waiting for this for so long it seems surreal!

Anyway just wondered people's experience of the initial appointment? Will it be just to discuss the plan going forwards? How long after the initial consultation did people wait for surgery?

My post chemo CT came back clear.. although the nodules in my peritoniem were always too small to be seen on a scan from the outset. Anyone had a similar situation?

Just looking for some advice of what to expect really. Praying that this will be the end of my cancer journey/treatment (at least for a little while) after whatever they decide to do and I can try and get back to living like a normal 25 year old! πŸ€žπŸ™Œ

Melissa :x::x::x:


Hi @melissap

Great to hear you have your appointment! I'm guessing Mr, Cecil will want to discuss the outcome of the MDT meeting and hopefully if he will propose surgery for you. Before I had surgery, I did have to have two liver MRI's and a CT scan before the op. I also had to have a laparoscopy (camera insered into little holes in abdomen to take a look) to ensure they thought I was still operable! Thankfully I was. You can read more in my last post to you and on my profile if you like. I'd say your chances of reaching surgery are very good if the disease is limited to your peritoneum πŸ˜‰πŸ€ž

Please let us know how you get on if you can?

Lots of love,



Hi @melissap
Really good you have an appointment at Basingstoke. I had CRS and HIPEC there last year for spread to the ovaries and omentum. I was treated by a different surgeon but I met Mr. Cecil and he seemed very nice and easy to talk to. At my appointment the surgeon had obviously already decided the best course of action and explained the plan to me. I had to wait 6 weeks before surgery as I had been having chemotherapy (this seems standard practise as they want the chemo to be out of your system and white bloods cells etc. to be back to normal before surgery). They did some blood tests and the nurse went through the arrangements for the operation. They also asked my local hospital to do a CT scan nearer to the surgery date. I would say go with an open mind and ask any questions you want. I went thinking they were going to tell me how much more chemo I needed and how much my tumours needed to shrink but they didn't-they wanted to do the surgery asap!
I hope it goes well. Basingstoke are very good at what they do. :)
All the best.


Hi @Baxter2 and @mountainwoman . Thank you for your responses. Like you Karen they wanted to do a laparoscopy which I had done on Wednesday. Waiting for the results was one the most terrifying times yet. Anyway I have quite a few nodules around my ovaries and rectum but thankfully Mr Cecil thinks there's a good chance he can remove it all and I should be having surgery in a few weeks! A little sad that I've got to loose my ovaries and go through early menopause but its a small price to pay i suoppose if it gets rid of the cancer, even for a little while. Thankfully I froze 11 embryos before chemo so if by some miricle im able to and choose to think about a family in the future at least I have options. There's also a chance I might need a different, temporary ilestomy (but potentially permanent) which I'm praying won't be necessary.

If you don't mind me asking how long were you both in hospital? I've seen that the average stay is 3 weeks! Hoping I'll not be in that long. Ended up in high depedancy and was told a 2 week stay after my last surgery but made it out after 4 days! The nurse said the quickest she's seen is 8 days so guess I'll try and beat that haha! Not the biggest fan of hospitals.. find it almost impossible to sleep etc (unless I've had a massive amount of morphine for the first few days after surgery etc) so would much rather recover at home as soon as I can get out!



Great news @melissap! I'm so delighted for you!

Please have a wee read of my profile and it gives info about my CRS and HIPEC. I was in just over 4 weeks dues to a couple of issues. I'd say it tool me a full 5 months to feel normal again! (Again, I had a couple of issues which thankfully resolved! ) it was planned to remove my ovaries (I'm older than you) but In theatre, they decided to take uterus, ovaries and tubes to be sure. Funnily enough, none came back with cancer in them but all no longer needed anyway! it's a huge op but you've been given a great chance here. Mr Cecil is the top man I think?

Please let me know how things go.....when you get your op date etc!

Time to plan your hospital bag and treat yourself to new PJ's etc! Short sleeved and very loose pj's are best and slip on mule type slippers to save you bending down too much. Also some lovely fetching 'large" knickers you can pull right up over the stick/staple line which is all the way from sternum to pubic area. I loved eventually casting the hospital gowns aside and wearing my own stuff especially when you're there for a while! Loose joggers or leggings for home too!

Sending loads of love

Karen πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’™β€οΈπŸ’›


@melissap yes, fingers crossed!!! I think my wife was in the hospital just over two weeks. It was quite warm in the hospital and so she only needed light clothes and found some comfy loose clothes to take. I remember the day before she was discharged I was allowed to take her shopping in the supermarket next door for one hour = she really enjoyed it!! Lets hope that after this op - you will walk away from Cancer. Annes scar has slowly faded and it doesn't look unsightly. I remember all the ladies on the ward always wore make up - I had never seen such a glam load of ladies - I bet the consultants were impressed. If you need to have an ileostomy then that holds up discharge a couple of days until they see its working properly. Good Luck = we will be thinking of you - Brave Lady


Hi @melissap good luck with Hipec and cytoreduction. I had the op at Christiesand was out within 10 days. It varies person to person though. It is a major op so I felt safer being in the hospital and under their care. Was in critical care / high dep for 2 days including the hospital catching on fire and potential evacuation.. couldn’t write the script! Good luck. Great to have this opportunity.. keep looking forwards :x::x::x:


Hi @melissap
Great that they are going to operate. I was in for 2 weeks including 2 days pre-op. I was lucky and didnt have any complictions. They said I could have gone home earlier but were keen to make sure I could manage completely by myself as I live alone-I suppose it was better that they were taking good care of me even if I was climbing the walls a bit towards the end! I think it depends not only on your recovery but how much/little they do in the operation which varies for everyone. Apart from the first couple of nights when I was in high dependency I was in my own room so sleeping may not be as bad as you think.

All the best :x:


Hi everyone. Thanks for your kind messages. By way of an update I have surgery next Friday. It's not actually at Basingstoke but a private hospital 10 minutes away - lucky me! So maybe sleeping etc won't be so bad after all, hoping I'll get my own room. Even been told a relative can stay at the hospital the night before surgery which is amazing! I'll let you all know how I get on. Hope everyone's doing well or as well as can be with this horrible disease. :x::x::x::x:


That is absolutely fantastic @melissap .. how fast was that ? And in luxury too 😁Wishing you lots of luck and positivity Annie :x::x::x: