Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


Can’t go!

I was discharged from hospital yesterday after a right hemi on Wednesday. I feel fine apart from the obvious post op pain and am passing wind but no bowel movement yet. Does anybody have any suggestions as to how I can get going again!?


Had you had a bowel movement in hospital? I wasn't discharged until mine was seento be working again.
I was discharged Dec29th '17 so lots of Christmas food around I found mince pies literally went straight through. But otherwise just a sensible healthy diet but I do know others have had more problems.
Good luck :x::x:


Hi @Jenbo try chewing gum as there’s some anecdotal evidence to say this works. All the best :x::x:


Hi @Jenbo and welcome to the forum!

As @scruffysheep asked, have you had a bowel movement since surgery? I also thought it was unusual to discharge patients before they had a managed the loo!

I was very constipated following my liver resection (probably due to morphine!) and had great result using prune juice. I also remember having some brought in to me in hospital after my hemicolectomy. I do think it would be a good idea to call the ward who discharged you and let them know the position, especially if you've not yet managed to pass anything since surgery! Passing wind is a good sign! 😉

Please let us know how you get on if you can?

Lots of love

Karen 💜💚💙❤️💛


Dear @Jenbo . I didn't go for 8 days following my bowel op! I had been so thoroughly depleted that I din't feel constipated either which is strange. I was allowed home 2 days after keyhole surgery. The hospital/surgeon were not concerned about it as I was passing wind.

Bear G

Hi @Jenbo
Firstly, great that your op seems to gone well.

As the others have said it does depend if you ‘opened your bowels’ while in hospital, in which case this could well be your bowel bring a bit fed up with being messed around with.

Regardless, if anything worries you at this point I’d strongly suggest calling your hospital just to check with them. At the very least it’ll help out your mind at rest.

Big hugs


Thank you everyone. It’s so good to have you out there. Success!!!!! Mince pies and chewing gum - perfect combination! I hope you didn’t mind me posting this morning but I was panicking a bit although when they discharged me yesterday, nobody seemed concerned. It’s very different when you’re at home not surrounded by an excellent medical team. I’ve never belonged to a forum before but now understand what an amazing family it is.


Hurrah @Jenbo! Well done!

Three cheers for the 💩 😉!

Lots of love



Hi @Jenbo, I was just having the same conversation with a relative! I was discharged yesterday after having LAR on the 3rd. As I had gurgling bowels and was passing wind and desperately wanted to go home, the surgeon said I could. I suppose there’s not much there anyway, and I’m hardly eating, so my amazing 86 year old Ma is making me a roast dinner tonight and I’ll try some broccoli! Will let you know and good luck! (Am rather apprehensive too though!)

Bear G

Great news and big relief @Jenbo!


It’s really strange what we get excited about since our new journey has begun! Thanks everybody :x: