Stage 4 bowel cancer


Radiotherapy for pain management

Hi all,
Happy New Year ! Hope you are all well.
My pain is currently manageable but thats because im not doing anything and any movement the pain is worse so im waiting to have radiotherapy.
I was wondering if anyone else had radiotherapy for pain management. Oncologist suggested pain could get temporarily worse before better and exposed radiation could increase risk of mets developing but im trying to remain positive but im scared. I was hoping for any advice about what to expect or anything i can do to help with side effects/treatment? :x::x:


Dear @Wren17. Just wanted to send hugs because you are feeling scared. I have no experience of my own to offer. A friend of mine had radiotherapy for a different form of cancer (endometrial) and it knocked it all back and she was great afterwards and with no pain for a long while. I truly hope and pray it will work magic for you. Lots of love, Gypsyxxx


Fingers and toes crossed that it works for you @Wren17


Thank you both @Gypsy and @lilmil for your kind positive words and well wishes it is most gratefully appreciated :x::x:


Hi @Wren17

I'm so sorry to hear you've still got ongoing pain. I'm sure you must be pretty fed up and worn down with it all! Let's hope the radiotherapy will work some magic for you! I don't have experience of this but hopefully others on the forum do and will share their experiences from their perspectives.

Sending lots of love your way!



Hello @Baxter2 thanks for your reply. Yes, fed up with the pain and lack of being able to do anything. Really hoping radiotherapy works :x::x:


Hi @Wren17 - My husband had cyberknife radiotherapy on a met on his sacrum in June. He was told that the main reason for this treatment was to relieve the pain as it was pressing on and invading a nerve and the cyberknife was a very targeted way of delivering the radation which would minimise exposure to other areas. He was told that at minimum it should relieve the pain and at best it could stop it's growth. It has definitely reduced the pain . I hope that your radiotherapy will help reduce yours too.


Thanks @Ev it is reassuring to hear that it can help ease the pain :x::x: