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Diane Marie


Hi all just thought I'd share. My wonderful husband has grown his beard for Decembeard. Although he is waiting for all the pledges coming in he has raised £525 so far.
His support to me and our 3 kids through my/our cancer journey has been second to none and I love him loads.
Thanks for reading
Diane :x::x:

Sorry for spelling/grammar mistakes as currently under the influence of Oramorph in hospital for incicional hernia/compacted bowel. Nice.
Have a good night everyone. D :x:

Bear G

Hi @Diane Marie
Sorry to hear about the hernia, hope they get it sorted for you, in the mestimii hope the morphine is working it’s magic!
Great news on the fundraising, I know that'll be a big help to Bowel Cancer UK.
Big hugs to you both.

island girl

@Diane Marie, that’s brilliant, big hugs to you & special hug for your amazing hubby🤗
Hope you feel better soon & not too long till your home :x::x:


Hope you feel better soon @Diane Marie. Thanks to hubby for raising money for Bowel Cancer UK. Love Diane :x::x:


That’s great @Diane Marie well done to your husband for the fundraising!
I hope you feel better soon. With best wishes :x::x:


Great effort @Diane Marie

Hope you're doing ok?

Lots of love