Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


Operation end of Jan

So I have my date 25th Jan and 19 days to prepare. There's so much I want to do.....both practical and fun. Time to prioritise!
So any top tips?
Op is bowel surgery for Rectal cancer, I'll then have a temporary Stoma. What should I expect afterwards?
What is scarring and pain like?
How long does it take to get back on your feet? (I'm currently fairly fit, been running 5kms the last few weeks)
My bedroom is up two flights of stairs....will I manage this?
Probably got 5000 more questions. Hoping the gradually get answered.

After that it's Chemo and Liver surgery....but those Qs can wait!

Oh golly, deep breath!


18 months since same operation. Had the stoma reversal done 4 months ago due to cancer found in one lypmph node which needed 6months of chemo.
Operation went well but took me about 3months to get back to some level of fitness and that was with the chemo regime.
Didn't have any pain long term only for a week after operation which would be normal.
I live in a second floor apartment and didn't have to much trouble climbing stairs.
I am 71.
Had a week in Cornwall before operation and walked up to five miles a day.
The bag had very few problems but private message me if you want advice on the appliances.
I ended up an expert of wearing one after 3 months and done 14 months accident free.
Dont race to get fit after operation take your time pace yourself your body will tell you when you are nearing normal.
Just a word of advice.
After the operation do not eat solids for a few days, when they give you the menu go for soup rice puddings anything you do not have to chew on.
Do this when you get home for a few more days then slowly introduce solids.
I am telling you this because I ended up back in for a week due to a blockage after eating foods I shouldn't have had.
The reversal was a success and I have a small scar as it was keyhole surgery the same as the main operation.
Went to Lanzarote 3 months after as my bowel movements improved.
Your bowels will not be the same again but you will learn how to master them with time
You will be fine I am here writing this and can't believe where the 18 months have gone.
Best of luck
God Bless
If you see my profile I have had a busy 4 years


Great news on getting the date for your surgery @lujabuck!

I don't have experience of that particular surgery but I'm sure many others who do, will be along with their top tips as @Rockford has!

Good luck!

Lots of love



So pleased to read you have a surgery date!! great news @lujabuck.
My hubby had surgery for rectal cancer, but had his temp stoma pre bowel surgery and chemo as his was about to block. As said above just take it steady. Charlies surgery was open, and he was in HDU for around a day, then back to the ward. There will be lots of drains and tubes so prepare those dearest to you as its quite a shock at first. After a day or so they will be getting you up, they like to do this pretty quick as the bowel can be sluggish. Don`t be suprised if it takes a few days for your stoma to kick in, follow your teams advice but we have learnt not to have anything solid until the stoma starts to work as it can be grumpy, and then take it very slowly. Charlie was in for a week, and was ok with stairs (taking it steady). I`d say it took him 3-4 weeks to feel up to going out for walks, and then around 3 months to feel normal, but he went back to chemo straight after so that may have hindered it a bit. On his teams advice he was back exercising around 6 weeks. His wound healed amazingly, and his just a faint line from chest to pubic bone. He had his reversal in August last year, and is now pretty much back to normal (with a few more toilet trips!)
Loads of luck!! :x::x::x:


Morning @lujabuck just wanted to wish you good luck for your surgery, Iโ€™m afraid I canโ€™t offer any advice, except to wish you the very best. Love Diane :x::x::x::x:


@charleyb and @Rockford thanks for the advice. Good to get any ideas on how it may be! I'm not sure of I'll be keyhole surgery or not. I need to ask but had a stupid moment where I thought it was a silly question so bottled it....doh! I do know they'll be using a Robot though, and that people come to watch and learn from my surgeon...I take great encouragement from that, surely he must be good.
Just dropped kids off at school after hols and was planning a day of jobs. However think I may have been 'holding it together' more than I realised. Today may end up much less productive with a few more years than planned!


If itโ€™s robot then it will be keyhole xx big hugs it is a big op but your team sounds great so take that as reassurance. I hope you have lots of support :x::x:


@charleyb thanks! That's good to know. I have tonnes of support. Everyone is amazing rallying round. Just starting to organise lots of child care favours and people to look after me.