Stage 4 bowel cancer

Sarah Morgan

Shoulder pain

Ian had his 1st cycle of Folfiri the week before Christmas, coped well & has been fine. However he then woke up on Saturday morning with terrible right shoulder pain & is now in A&E as the pain had got so bad. So worried but no idea as yet whether this is related to his cancer, his port etc.


Gosh, I hope things turn out ok for Ian @Sarah Morgan! I'm so glad he's in A&E and hopefully they'll sort him out very soon and get to the bottom of this pain!

I'm glad his first Folfiri has gone well though!

Let us know how he gets on will you?

Lots of love,


Sarah Morgan

@Baxter2, glad to say x-ray has shown calcium build up & they’ve discharged him after giving him IV fluids & pain relief. Arm is in a sling currently but they’ve said it’s something that can flare up.
He has his 2nd Folfiri on Wednesday. Love Sarah :x::x:


Hi @Sarah Morgan

Oh that's a nice relief I'd say! I bet you're both feeling much better already! Good luck with Folfiri number 2 on Wed!

Lots of love


Bear G

That’s good news @Sarah Morgan
Big relief for both of you - shows how important it is to get things checked!


@Sarah Morgan wow thats a relief!!! I had something like this from lying on a hard bed = the answer was soft pillows and rest. It did get better

terri m

Glad everything has been checked out & Ian is ok,. You look after you too @Sarah Morgan xxxx😘


Glad all ok @Sarah Morgan .. that's good news xxx Annie :x::x::x:


So pleased all is well @Sarah Morgan, big relief :x::x::x::x:

Sarah Morgan

Thank you for all your good wishes. He’s home now, very tired but actually looking a lot better & has Morphine to take 😊


That sounds so much better @Sarah Morgan . I'm so glad that he is more comfortable- rotten to be in so much pain. :x::x::x::x:

Sarah Morgan

Thank you @Gypsy. At one point he thought he was going to pass out & I was so scared. He’s much improved & just having his arm in a sling is helping a great deal.


@Sarah Morgan I've only just seen this post and I'm so glad it's had a positive ending. You must have been so worried
Lots of love :x::x:

Sarah Morgan

Thank you @ElaineG. Yes am very relieved. How is your grandson?


Hope you are both ok now @Sarah Morgan, very worrying for you.:x::x:


Hi Sarah. My husband has his 2nd Folfiri Wednesday. We also have a porta cath. Everything is scary isn't it. We had a dummy run to a&e on Xmas eve as he had a temperature after Cath insertion. Turns out all was ok after x ray and bloods. I feel pleased they took it seriously and feel reassured we would be seen promptly if we needed emergency care again. So pleased your husband is ok now. Nice to have a companion on this journey :x::x:

Sarah Morgan

Thank you for your message @waiteh. Sadly this is Ian’s 2nd lot of chemo as he’s had recurrence of his bowel cancer diagnosed in Oct 2016.
I’ve read your profile & we too try to keep things as normal as possible when we can. We have 2 boys aged 15 & 10 who have built up amazing resilience since their dad’s diagnosis. Thinking of you all & hoping cycle 2 is uneventful for us all :x::x::x:


Thanks Sarah. Kids are amazing aren't they :x::x: