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Please share your symptoms and stories My colonscopy in two days. I’m so scared.

I’m sorry I’ve posted on here before. But I’m so scared and suffered now with major anxiety if it’s cancer.
It’s to the point that I’ve lost weight as I haven’t ate been up to hospital 2 times in 2 days due to panic. It’s so awful

My symptoms were bleeding on tissue that stopped after suppositories & after the suppositories I’ve needed up with mucus 9/10 times when I go for a poo. Now I’m having poo in my stools!

Since I’ve suffeed with acid reflux and been spitting up blood which isn’t making this 1000 times harder. Doctors reckon it’s because of the inflammation.

I’m so so so scared there going to tell me I’m dying I’m 25 with 3 young kids.
I was getting all these other pain symptoms but think it’s semi in my head and semi not

I’m also getting spasms all around my body with gurgling noises!!

Please share with me what your symptoms was.


Dear @ddbatman . I think it would be best for you to take some deep breaths and just try to calm down. I think that your panic and anxiety is so through the roof that it is pointless to dwell on symptoms since you can't tell what is real and what is not by your own admission. It will not help you right now, in my opinion at least, to hear about symptoms but for the record, I had no symptoms at all. So much of what you are experiencing could well be down to extreme stress and the doctors have identified that there is inflammation somewhere in the gut- is that right? I am not going to try and diagnose anything in you as obviously, I can't possibly do that and neither can you and that is a job for your medical team but I will stay extremely hopeful that you do not have cancer as the cause of your symptoms. I'm glad that you are receiving help from the hospital to get to the root of what is happening. I also think, go to your GP and ask for some meds for the anxiety. I think that it is your head that is your worst enemy right now and that if you can become calmer, you will be in a so much better place.
Hugs and more hugs for it all. Love Gypsyxxxx


Hello @ddbatman, I have re-read your other posts and recognise that you are very badly affected by anxiety about this. The problem is that no-one on here can reassure you as problems with Bowels can be caused by so many different conditions, but the colonoscopy will clarify things. You have to get through the next two days, and speak with your GP about help for this intense anxiety. Take very good care, Kim


Hello @ddbatman sending you lots of positive thoughts for your colonoscopy :x::x:


Hello @ddbatman just wanted to say hope all goes well for you please try to relax :x:


Hello @ddbatman I’m so sorry you must be worried sick
This time last year my husband had a pain in his bottom
Eventually after weeks of tests and scans we were told he had cancer in his bottom... we totally fell to bits But then we had to get a grip of ourselves and learn to stop panicking and just take one day at a time
The best thing about Bowel Cancer is that it is Very Treatable... one of the best cancers to get You literally have miles of vowel that you just don’t need and it can be removed very easily
You need to take a step back Stop panicking and be a bit kinder to yourself
You have a few symptoms that honestly could be absolutely nothing to worry about ....
Actually people who worry a lot get problems with their bowels due to stress
Get all the tests done wait for the results and keep in touch with us on here if you have any questions Feel free to ask anything
Cath :x::x:


Hi @ddbatman so sorry to hear that you are going through this, being an anxiety sufferer myself I really do understand what you are feeling. There are other things that your symptoms could be, but sadly our minds seem to point us in the very negative direction. Try breathing exercises, I have found these really help, and have watched my heart rate drop. We will all be here to support you, anytime you need reassurance. For now stay strong and hopefully your results will not be what your mind is telling you. Love Diane :x::x::x::x:


Hi hazm I found your posts earlier. How did you get on at your colonscopy xx

Quote from @hazm:
Hello @ddbatman just wanted to say hope all goes well for you please try to relax


It went well two polpys found and removed and sent for tests but no sign of any cancer which was great news. Also have diverticulitis. The colonoscopy was not as bad as I thought it would be yes it was uncomfortable at times but it is worth it for to find out once and for all what was going on. Its easy to get really anxious about it all but please try to relax :x::x:


Good news, whatever it was was got to early which is brilliant. Well done, I hope your results go well too. :x: :x:


Hi @ddbatman. I hope that you have now received good news that you don't have bowel cancer?:x:


Hi gypsy! Thank you so much for remembering me. Sorry I haven’t replied quicker I haven’t been very well.
Yes I have received the good news it’s not cancer. It’s atrophic gastritis ! Which due to it being atrophic apparently gives me a higher risk for stomach cancers 😥 doctors r rubbish and haven’t even spoken about it with me. Hoping my biopsy’s come back ok!
Just awaiting a phone call back from hospital because I rang up and said not one person has helped me. Literally they haven’t. Even the receptionist was shocked as I’ve got no follow up appointment. :x::x:


Hello @ddbatman good to hear you don’t have cancer. The results can often take more than two weeks to come back to you, I expect you will get a letter detailing what the results are and whether you need a follow up appointment. If you don’t hear by the end of month then I would chase it up.


Dear @ddbatman. I am so glad that you do not have bowel cancer but never thought that you did. Every single person is at a higher risk compared to someone else of some form of cancer or other. This is just a fact of life and it is absolutely pointless to start worrying or finding something new to stress about. You have health anxiety and you need to get a grip on that now and enjoy life at age only 25. If you do not, then years down the line, you will look back with great regret and especially about how this affected your life with your children. You only get one chance living life and bringing up children- don't waste it fretting over health issues that may never happen.
Wishing you well in the future in all ways.:x::x: