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Terrible Acid

Hi Gang.
Quick question for you all if i may -
Had my right hemi op on the 18th December and came home xmas eve. Recovery has been text book and i feel better than ever!
However... i seem to be suffering in the evening from acid and heartburn. It gors if i pop a rennie but i never suffered from this before.
Has anyone else had experience of this?


Hi @EssexDan sorry to hear you are suffering from acid reflux and heartburn. After my surgery I was automatically put n Omeprazole. Eventually came off it, by choice. However mine is now coming back again and it’s 3 years since my op. I’ve been taking Rennies too. I haven’t mentioned it to my Onc, but I’m seeing him on Thursday. I can’t explain why I had it, just wanted you to know you are not on your own. Love Diane :x::x:


Thanks @DianeS .
Its not really bad but enough to be just annoying you know.
I have the colorectal nurse calling me Friday with pathology results so will ask her i think.


Good idea @EssexDan it’s always best to get these things checked out. Good luck, let us know how you get on. Diane :x::x::x:


Hi @EssexDan I too was given Omeprazole, took it fora while then slowly came off them, all good now :x:


I think this can be quite common following surgery @EssexDan

Like @DianeS Inwas given omeprazole post op too. I've tried to stop it a few times but acid reflux became a problem. It's certainly worth checking it out though!

Take care,

Karen 💚💛💜💙❤️


I take omeprazole too. I've tried coming off them and do forget occasionally but find if I've not had them for a few days I suffer.


I am takeing Somac every day, if I forget it I suffer.


Thanks all. Good to know im not going insane having some adverse reaction! Lol.


I'm on omeprazol never have a problem with gas etc what about some peppermint cordial.


Omezrapole works for me


Organic aloe Vera made by pukka worked for hubby , u take about 30 mls before each meal :x: