Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


Having a wobble

Well it's been 4 weeks since my pelvic exteneration op and I've recovered very quickly. Was released from hospital after 7 days :) but now I'm waiting for a pet scan so they can decided whether to do the liver resection or lung resection first. But I guess the scan anixeity has set in. Cant help thinking the worst that cancer has spread n now can't operate :( worried cos last chemo session was 5 weeks ago too so that's playing on my mind. Just need to keep thinking pelvic op was a sucess n most of my cancer is out just2 more realtivley simple ops to go well compared to a pelvic exteneration but last time I felt like this it was bad news which worries me. Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up in a much more positive frame of mind. Send hugs n love to all. Rant over sorry :x:


Morning @cara, 4.00 am is a classic time where everything looks so grim isn’t it? What you are feeling is totally normal and all you can do at the moment is to keep as busy as possible until you have the next part of the plan in place. Easy for me to say I know, but sending virtual hugs anyway. Please stay in touch, Kim :x::x:


Hi @cara lovely to hear from you. No wonder you are having a wobble you have been through so much and also when your sleep is disturbed everything seems worse. It is ultimately good that they are doing the PET scan - will you have long to wait for the result? You are right you are doing really well getting through this and will keep doing well - just got to keep going and try and get in some peaceful nurturing joyful experiences - Much strength and hope you sleep a little better


Hello @cara You have had a tough 14 months and must be woried sick I have read several posts on here about people having liver and lung mets I am sure thet will be along to help you soon
Do you have a Maggies or cancer support group near you or a Hospice they will have loads of information and suggestions of things that will help you get through this well as us obviously !
All the best
Cath :x::x:



Lots of love @cara - we all naturally fear the worse but the down days will pass just try and keep busy and walks in the fresh air / mindfulness stuff may help :x::x: