Life beyond bowel cancer



Over seven years since nice diagnosed now
Been dealing with colds and flu since mid October
But still cycling
Not on forum much now but just thought I would see if there are any cyclists on here

terri m

Hi @wikey.. Hubbie & I are keen cyclists, although since xmas we haven't been out atall.. I cant wait until the warner weather arrives so we can get out more. We live right near a beautuful estuary and have amazing cycle routes... I am so pleased you are7 years since diagnosis. & keepibg wekk. Also enjoying your cycling still... I swim alot too, but prefer my bike .. Happy new year to you xxx


I love to bike ride and love my bike but sadly although my surgery was one year ago today I still am fearful of hurting myself after the surgery... :x::x:


hello Stillme
i think yo shoud risk getting back on the bike, a year is long enough. i used an exercise bike when on chemo radio therapy before my anterior resection operation and then after about 5 weeks i was on my bike and rode for a year with a stoma bag. and then had the reversal operation and been riding ever since, i have a bad knee so cant run or jog like i used to but cycling is ok for it, so that is what i do


hi,other than my better half and the cat,my other passion is cycling,i was diagnosed in sept 18 with rectal cancer, i cycled all the way through my chemoradiotherapy, i am now nearly seven weeks since my treatment and getting fitter by the week,scans are due end of jan 19 ,i am now going to spend the next 6 to 8 weeks getting as fit as possible in the event of surgery, i have set some rollers up in the shed, and until the weather picks up i shall be hoping to get 100 miles a week on the rollers and maybe some on the road, if the weather plays ball,when i am on the bike i forget about all my problems and it really does help,i live on the fylde coast, so there are great coastal rides as well as tough hilly rides not far away in the forest of bowland,hopefully be fit enough to enjoy some rides in the summer. thanks john


I bought a bike last year @wikey but have hardly used it. Our roads are shocking here, full of potholes. I made a NY resolution to get going on it this year :x::x::x::x:


Hi @wikey I have bicycle too but will wait till weather gets better :x:

Bear G

Not a cyclist but wanted to say it’s great to see your post and that you’re doing so well @wikey
Big hugs


Hi johnny
I visit the trough if bowland a couple of times each year to see my wife's sisters family
A nice area
Never cycled there though
Maybe one day
Plenty of hills where we are in Peak District
Good luck with the training and fitness
Mikey Wikey


Thanks bear
Not forgotten you all
I Still message with Suze regularily


Went cycling with Matlock cycling club today
33 miles and 3000 feet of climbing
First club ride since start of September fir various health reasons
I was playing sweeper at the back😂


Your lucky to live in a beautiful part of this country, I don’t cycle however Matlock was a good weekend ride when I had my two wheels ( with engine ).
Here’s for a cracking Spring / Summer Hope you have plenty of good ride outs this year.
My hubby cycles to keep fit, the garage is slowly being overtaken by Giants and Cannondales.
Here’s to another seven more years.


Hi Rachel
I used to have motorbikes
Still got helmet gloves boots leather jackets but no bike
Have seven cycles road and mountain and a couple of projects to keep me going
Today was hard
Gonna lie on the floor and get someone to walk on the back of my thighs to loosen them out



My main road bike 2 years old now
Geared up fir winter riding with handle bar mitts (used to have similar on motorbikes) and mudguards
Specialized roubaix with elastomer suspension in front and rear forks and also in seat post and extra low bottom gear for Peak District hills