Stage 4 bowel cancer


Second opinion

Hi everyone,
so we decided to ask for a second opinion and to use our private insurance.
We are covered for the Royal Marsden that I understand is a centre of excellence.
I know that there are several of you here on the forum that go there but can you please remind me the name of your consultant at the Royal Marsden please?
I saw that number one there is professor David Cunningham.
Ideally we want to go to the Fulham London because the closest to us.
Many Thanks in advance.


Hi @Elisa76 I’m not at Marsden but I know friends who see Naureen Starling, David Cunningham and Chau there


Dr Chau for us :x:


Thank you I remember you mentioning him to us.
Was he yiur first choice or were you redirected to him ?
Ideally I would go with number one , professor Cunningham, but i think he must be really busy?


We were directed to him. And I’m so glad as he is amazing. I have heard good things about professor Cunningham too but never met him :x::x:


Hi. My husband was treated under Professor Cunningham at the Marsden but don't expect to meet the great man himself, you'll be seen by members of his 'team'. I would imagine only under exceptional circumstances would you actually see him. All the best. :x:

Fiona M

Hi, I’m under Dr Cunningham but have never met him. I believe he is mostly based at Fulham. I tend to see Dr Watkins ( one of his team). He is very good and spends time explaining everything to you in normal speak. Good luck. :x:


We were refused a 2 nd opinion at the Marsden as we are out of area and they have an overwhelming workload, instead I have an appt at Hammersmith to see if someone can offer some help there