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Filling Defect

Hi Nurses,

I posted the following in another section if you could offer some input?

Many Thanks

Hi all,
I’ve just had a letter from my surgeon following a CT scan. He says that there is a filling defect in the pipe of the bowel in the area where the small and large bowels were joined back together. As my cancer was in the small bowel I haven’t had a colonoscopy since diagnosis 3 1/2 years ago. The surgeon thinks it would be foolish to not double check the area and has booked me a colonoscopy.
Does anybody have any experience of a filling defect??
Tony :x:

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear @TonyR

A filling defect means that the dye that is introduced prior to the CT has not completely filled an area of the bowel. This means there is possibly something there that is preventing the dye from filling the area. This does not necessarily mean cancer, it could be scar tissue or a polyp etc. Sometimes nothing is seen on colonoscopy but it is advisable to do one to assess the area.

With kindest regards,


Hi @Charlotte Nurse Advisor Thanks very much for your reply, my surgeon doesn’t seem overly concerned but he has booked a colonoscopy to be on the safe side.
Many Thanks