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Eyebrow tattoos

I am due to start irinotecan next Thursday. I may lose all my hair. Can I have my eyebrows tattooed before I start treatment?

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear @debs4dennis,

So sorry for the delayed reply to your post. I cannot see nay reason why you could not have this done but as always I would recommend checking this out with your oncologist or nurse specialist first.

Kind regards,


Thank you


Hi @debs4dennis,
Just to give you the heads-up. I had to to fill out a medical at my beautician’s prior to having microblading done, and due to my medical info, my appoinment was delayed because I did not have the relevant correspondence from my GP (or any specialist) stating it would be ok for me to have the procedure done. I think it is a sort of insurance for the company which is fair enough for both them and us. I had to pay for the letter which cost me £17 if I remember rightly. :x::x:


OK thank you. I have answered the medical questionnaire of the practitioner. She is aware I am a cancer patient and she is some one who regularly works with cancer patients.