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Reversal and stomach aches

Hi Folks,
Just would like to know if anyone on here who had the reversal is having stomach problems.
Had the reversal 3 months ago and was very grateful for the chance to have it.
Had usual running to loo problems but I love my food and have now had to give up a lot of those that was not helping the problem.
I get through most days without going but it's the evening after eating that is more erratic, have to use the pause button when watching an exciting TV serial.
The stomach problems is in the morning when I get up I get the aches that seem to go around my stomach and waist.
It's strange as it subsides slightly as the day goes on.
I had a colonoscopy last month with good results and get my scan in March.
The symptoms are listed in the IBS NHS site.
I have now stated Fodmap foods to see if there is any change.
Sorry that this post sounds insignificant to others on here and my thoughts are always with those worse off then me.
God Bless


Check out LARS symptoms.


Hi @Rockford
I have had great success with certain parts of the fodmap diet, both with an ileostomy and after reversal (as has my IBS husband). Notable problems are apples, onions, beans, lactose, yeast. But i don't let it rule my life.

Certainly not an insignificant problem!. We both know that things could be much worse. But they would have been much better if we hadn't got cancer in the 1st place, so we are allowed to whinge.

Good luck with the diet trials. :x:


Hi @Rockford - I found my issues after reversal were more or less sorted by cutting out gluten as much as feasible. I ignored the symptoms of IBS before my diagnosis so it is probably the root cause of it all. I still love cake and fresh bread, but find if I start the day with two scrambled eggs, and avoid bread until much later in the day (or even better not at all) then I can cope much better.

Wind is my worst enemy - it causes such pain. I avoid foods that cause it like cabbage and I suspect yeast. I am nearly 3 years down the reversal road and hardly have any issues unless I overindulge - but don't we all some times :)


No post is insignificant,@Rockford , evenings have Geoff running, but their again so does morning and nights!!!! Geoffs only real discomfort comes if he “ he bunged” how anyone gets bunged when you 💩 all day and night long is beyond me , but Geoff’s diet is awful, apart from fruit which is surprisingly fine in , hw eats nothing that I would call healthy, , Geoff’s been told he has LARS .
I do hope you find some relief soon , keep us updated
Lots of love
Tracey :x::x:


Hi @sweetcheeks
Have a look at the fodmap diet, also look at Psylilium husk it has helped a lot people by all accounts.
Regards to Geoff.


Have to agree with @Rockford that avoiding gluten is helpful. In fact I avoid all grains now as they practically paralyse my colon. I tried psyllium but found it was not much help either.