Life beyond bowel cancer


Exercise without a rectum

Sorry if any of this is tmi.
I had an ultra low anterior resection 2 years ago. I had an ileostomy that was reveresed. I have no rectum left.
I have a few control issues with passing stools which are helped by supplementing with psyllium husks daily.
Since remission I’ve started running as a way to feel healthy again.
I’ve been offered a charity space in a half marathon but mornings is when I ‘go’ most so I’m feeling very anxious.
Has anyone in a similar position done a similar event? How did you cope? Did you take Imodium the night before or on the day?
Thank you. Hope you’re all well ☺️


hi sorry i cant answer your questions, but would like to know about the ultra low resection,when i first spoke to surgeon he said because my tumour was about 4 to 5 inches up, he would not have enough to reconnect, could you give me any info on this, thanks john.


@Karent Good for you! Although I was lucky with my ileostomy reversal, I know that others have had success with irrigation. You can search for experience of this on the little box above.

@cyclingjohnny Have you looked at @GROBER 's post about LARS earlier today? (I expect your tumour position was given in cms)


Hi @Karen! Haven’t run any half marathons lately ( or quarter, or thirds or even tenths!), but I’m also “busy” in the morning. I swear by codeine, which is a pain medication, but also binds you up. I take 1tablet morning and night, along with 2 Imodium and it works pretty well most of the time, except when I eat something I shouldn’t! Also, why not wear protection? That way, any accidents can be contained. Best of luck to you - wish I had your get up and go - mine got up and went! :x::x::x:


I had a low anterior resection and my tumor was about 5cms above the verge. I think @cyclingjohnny yours must have been about the same ie cms not inches. I have a very small amount of rectum left and have Major LARS.
If @Karent you can get hold of a trans-anal irrigation kit and get taught how to use it you might find it helpful as it could help you change timings of evacuations, if used in conjunction with Loperamide. But beware, it does not work for everybody (ie Me!)