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Had to call chemo unit at Western park who told me to ring 111

Had really bad aches and pains couldn't breath. Felt like i was going to collapse, struggling for air had to wee in old bottle darling wife emptied, Never had pains like that before. After waiting 2.1/2 hours for 111 to ring cancelled and said it would be quicker going to the hospital.
Not being ungrateful.

If this has happened to you what do you do call the emergency Contact number for chemo, 111 or 999.

I still think the NHS is wonderful.


I would always call the emergency Oncology number first and would expect them to advise on course of action, but I certainly wouldn't call 111 . I would go straight to A&E

Bear G

While still under care of the hospital I would always start with the oncology out of hours and take it from there.


I would definitely have called 999 if I needed an ambulance to get me to hospital. Either way I would have gone straight to A&E, chemo card in hand. If you're in that much pain and discomfort there is no time to be sitting around waiting for 111 to ring you back. They are for non medical emergencies. Hope you are feeling more comfortable now. :x:

Polly 1

We rang the chemo line who organised everything with the hospital so we went straight to the Assessment ward by-passing the queues at A&E.


Chemo unit first and foremost as they know everything about you and your treatment, they should give you an out of hours emergency number. If you can not for any reason get hold of them then 999 or straight to A&E. In my opinion 111 are only helpful in minor cases and definitely not cancer related as they will keep you waiting whilst they contact a medical expert. :x::x:


Hi I normally call the chemo hotline. I then in the past have always gone directly to A and E . From my experience they will always then liaise with the A and E dept to let them know coming and get priority. So when speaking to the hotline ask them if they will call the hospital to advise of your arrival in parallel to you getting there. Hope you are feeling better @george1960. I’m surprised chemo unit advised to call 111.


Hi @george1960

I've always called my Healthcare at Home chemo helpline for advice and triage (and before that, the nhs equivalent) They've always been spot on and arranged for me to go straight to a&e where I've been seen almost immediately bypassing the queues and a few times, taken straight into resus department 🥺. I have been told that if I have chest pain at all, I must call 999 and get to a&e ASAP and if my temperature is 38 or higher, straight to a&e too. It's always easier to call the helpline first to ensure they know you're on your way and can prioritise your assessment and treatment.

How are you now @george1960 ? I hope you're feeling better and they've got to the bottom of the cause?



I hope you are feeling better @george1960?
I don’t think the 111 service is fit for purpose, my GP advised me to avoid it!


I also hope you are feeling better @george1960 . :x:

terri m

Hi @george1960 .. I hope you are free of your pain now.. I would mention your experience to your chemo team , so this doesn't happen again :x::x::x::x:


@george1960 Hope the pain is now under control and treatable. Weston Park advising you to call 111 has surprised me, I had to call them when I was on treatment 2 years ago and they were so very helpful and I had a doctor call me back.
As Terri m has said mention this to the team, I think I would mention this to the nurse in charge on your next session of chemo when you go and get some clarification as to why this was advised.


My wife took me to the A and E unit last night , various test done nothing conclusive left and told and had to go back at 10am. Had to go to a ward done more tests told i have flu brilliant. Wanted to keepme in but i wanted to get home apart from tamiflu and pain meds nothing they could. As least it's not a clot or anything else. :x::x::x:


Oh poor you @george1960, but as you say, at least it is not something more serious. Now you have to take very good care of yourself and any doubts return to A and E, after ringing your chemo helpline! Kim :x::x:

Quote from @terri m:
Hi @george1960 .. I hope you are free of your pain now.. I would mention your experience to your chemo team , so this doesn't happen again

I'm going to mention this to them.


Thanks your all a tower of strength. :x::x::x:

Bear G

That's good peace of mind for you @george1960 , flu isn't a good thing to get but it's definitely better than some of the alternatives!
Rest lots and get better soon


Thanks @Bear G . Resting resting resting. Got to say with a specialist center like Western Park the doctors seemed a little concerned about me but the acute Oncall person seemed a bit of a no starter.
I always thought it had man flu i the past cos that stopped me doing loads of things. but it relise what flu is actually like it stops your basic functions like standing, walking, getting a drink the pains are awfull, didn't even feel like I'm had a cold, please everyone if your starting chemo be carefull The hospital said there is so so much flu around at the moment.

thanks :x::x::x:


Feel better soon @george1960
Imagine when the flu is greeted as a good thing! 😊

Bear G

Absolutely George, we don’t know what flu is until we’ve had the real thing!


Got to agree with you there @Bear G. I do laugh when people say they've got the flu when quite clearly it's just a nasty cold. You know when you've got flu! Glad you've got nothing more serious @george1960 . Wishing you a speedy recovery.