Younger people with bowel cancer


Colon cancer and burst appendix

Is there any link between a burst appendix and colon cancer. I had a ruptured appendix in Aug 17 and sepsis following that - I was very ill for months but recovered by Dec 17/Jan 18 and then in July 18 I was diagonsed with Bowel cancer in the ascending colon and had emergency surgery to remove a tumour in my ascending colon (the area just above where the appendix used to be). I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else or could there be a connection? It seems very likely to me.
I have no family history of colon cancer and non of the risk factors so I wonder if the burst appendix started something in the colon.


Hi @TeaBag I’m sorry I can’t answer your question, but I do think that a change takes place in your body/immune system that can be the start of cancer. I was really poorly with shingles, and then seemed to catch everything that was going, and now realise how low my immune system must have been. I was diagnosed with cancer, following a very bad episode of diverticulitis. Like you I have no history of bowel cancer in our family. One day we will know why we get cancer, but I’m sure we all have our own theories. Best of luck with your treatment etc, hope all is going well Diane :x:


I don't know @TeaBag but when i had surgery so had totally flat appendix so I had had appendicitis at some point and 'toughed it out' as the consultant said. :x:

Bear G

Hi @TeaBag
This could be worth posting in Ask The Nurse to see if they have any data on this.
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Rob Richardson

Hi @TeaBag, I had a punctured intestine, which led to my appendix bursting, and upon removal of my appendix that's when surgeons discovered my tumor, which is stage 3 so must've been there for a bit. As for a link, I'm not sure. I'm just glad my appendix popped otherwise I may have still been plodding along now unaware of the cancer. How are you getting on with your treatment? I hope all I well. 😊