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Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


Oramorph- dry mouth

Any suggestions please. Other half is drinking lemon water to help with the dry mouth he is getting with oramorph, which helps with stimulating the saliva glands. Any other ideas we can try? Sherbet lemons was one suggestion, any others please?


Hi @jamtart That sounds miserable! Have you thought of asking a pharmacist? ....I believe there are special sprays .
Best wishes to you both :x:


@Lizalou thank you, will ask pharmacist about sprays :x:


Hi @jamtart, an artificial saliva spray is available on prescription.....I’m a dental hygienist 😉 :x::x:


Blimey. Sucking a lemon always left my mouth looking like the cat's bottom 😝🤣. Surely there's something better out there for you.


@Lizalou @EJO we think the oramorph has exacerbated the side effects of the solifenacin he is taking for cystitis. Thank you for your suggestions
@ xSazx a chopped lemon, some bits squeezed,in a water bottle is really refreshing, and does help refresh the mouth


@jamtart I have a prescription lemon spray that helps lubricate my mouth. It didn’t work when it accidentally ended up in my stoma emergency kit instead of the stoma seal spray, fortunately I didn’t get them the other way round... that would have been pretty yuck! 🤣 I also find boiled sweets and Del Monte fruit smoothie lollies work well :x::x:


Learnt something new today. I'll give it a try 👍. I suppose the secret is not too much lemon eh 😁. :x:


Try Biotene which is a toothpaste like gel you put on your tongue then spread around the inside of your mouth. I have an ultra dry mouth on Filofax and it works for me.
Costs about £8 a tube but is available on prescription from oncology.