Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


1st year review

Hard to believe it will be a year in March since the dreaded diagnosis followed by a right hemicolectomy.
Yesterday I seen my colorectal nurse who is organising a colonoscopy and MRI contrast for around 6 weeks time followed by an April 30th follow up appointment.
Its been a very long year but at the same time very fortunate one in many respects.

Stay well folks.

Quote from @Jim3rg:
Hi @Artizanne Sorry its taken so long to reply, things have been a little hectic here last few days. Mum was diagnosed with alzimers so they are now deciding i can get some help to care for her at home, its only taken a year and a half of me asking but at last its happening.
If memory serves, both you, AlanH and myself were treated around the same time, give or take a week. I hope it wont be long for your follow up, I know its frustrating playing the waiting game. Let me know how things go for you.

I had my scan last Sunday and I am due to start my clear diet this Tuesday with the camera scheduled for Thursday. I have an appointment with my colorectal nurse on May 2nd (I think) so hopefully i will know the reutls before then.

Take care.

Hi @Jim3rg Sorry, I'm only just picking my messages up. It's lovely to hear from you! You'll have already started the regime by now. I hope it's going well today. I tend to eat more when I'm stressed so I'm so sorry to learn your Mum is not so well. I can't be easy coping by yourself . . . especially when you're not on top form. I understand what you're going through. We lost my sister in law just before Christmas. She'd been suffering from Alzheimers for around 2 years but after developing a urine infection in October she deteriorated very rapidly. Trying to arrange a care package was extremely frustrating . . . like drawing teeth! I hope life will become a lot easier for you once "the powers that be" have got something in place. Good luck with the colonoscopy. I'll keep the prayers ascending that you'll get the all-clear! I've heard nothing re my follow-up yet. I haven't noticed any posts from AlanH . . . here's hoping he'll be hearing soon as well. Take good care of yourself. God bless. Anne :x:


Just to let you all know, I am back home from the colonoscopy. Watched it all on the monitor and the Doc said he couldn't see any signs of cancer and that the surgeon had done a 'brilliant job'.
Had a nice bowl of slow cooked beef stew and a cup of Old Brown Java out of my Aeropress.

Just awaiting the scan results now.

Take care of yourselves and each other.


That’s really good news @Jim3rg 👍🏻 :x::x:


Great news


Brilliant @Jim3rg. !:x:


Brill, well done @Jim3rg :x::x:


fantastic news, like the sound of the beef broth, all the best john.

greyhound gal

Great news @Jim3rg. Mmm...beef stew! I’ll have to google what an Aeropress is!


Sorry I didn't get back to you all last night, but, I was exhausted and mum decided to have an early night, so I went to bed soon after.
The stew was very good thanks, although in hindsight it might not have been wise to use lentils🙄. I took my time over my coffee, @greyhound gal an Aeropress looks rather like a huge syringe the buisiness end has a plastic cap with holes in it, in which you place a paper filter. Istand mine on its plunger and add coffee to the body cavity then add hot water. Let it brew for a minute screw on the cap, then place the Aeropress ontop of a mug then slowly depress the plunger. Resulting in strong smooth and clean coffee.

Thanks everyone for the replies, I try not to worry about these things, however its always welcome to receive good news.

Take care of yourselves and each other, I am always amazed at the level of support this forum gives.



Hi @Jim3rg Hi Jim3rg – I’m absolutely delighted that all went well and that everything looked good. I’ll be you’re glad to get that over with for another year! I received my “padded white envelope” with sachet of Picolax, bottle of Omnipaque and scan appointment in the post on Thursday. My appointment is the Tuesday after Easter – 23rd April. (They’re not going to attempt a colonoscopy after the last time when they failed to get past a loop that was fixed down by adhesions from previous surgery).
I have to say the timing’s not great though . . . it means that I’m going to have to do the bowel prep on bank holiday Monday. I can think of better ways to spend a bank holiday! (lol)
I quite like the sound of your Aeropress! Perhaps the makers ought to pay you a fee for recommending it. (lol)
Have a lovely weekend. God bless. Anne :x:


Hi @Jim3rg,

I had my op not long after you last year!
Really pleased that your colonoscopy was clear.
I had my 1 year CT on Wed evening.
Anxiously waiting for the results. I won't be having a colonoscopy for 3 years.
I had a stretch of the anastomosis in November the surgeon said that he could fit a rigid sigmoidoscope in after which he seemed happy with!
All the best for your scan results.


Hi Jim, I am so pleased your colonoscopy went well, that was fantastic news, I am dead chuffed for you 😄👍🏻 I am waiting for my colonoscopy appointment, the surgeon said she’d see me in a year so that should be mid April but not heard anything just yet. Got my CT scan tomorrow and appointment with consultant on 1st May - it’s cruel to have to wait four weeks 😩


Hi @Artizanne, I’m still about 😜, I’ve kept in regular contact with @Jim3rg ( he’s been my cancer buddy from day one) and I remember all three of us being very active on here back when we were all due in for our surgeries. I had my bowel resection on 16th April 2018, I have had one clear CT scan back in October and my next one is tomorrow 🥺. I’ve got to have six monthly CT scans until they say otherwise. Looks like I won’t be getting my results until 1st May as that’s when I see the consultant. I struggle with the waiting, always have. When do you get your results? Hope you do8ng well, Alan


Just thought I would let you know (I hope you can see this.
All is well with me and according to the letter, there is no sign if recurrence.

Take care folks and good luck on your journey.


Great news @Jim3rg :x::x::x::x:


Great news @Jim3rg 😊👍🏻⭐️


Thats chuffing awesome @Jim3rg