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Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


1st year review

Hard to believe it will be a year in March since the dreaded diagnosis followed by a right hemicolectomy.
Yesterday I seen my colorectal nurse who is organising a colonoscopy and MRI contrast for around 6 weeks time followed by an April 30th follow up appointment.
Its been a very long year but at the same time very fortunate one in many respects.

Stay well folks.


Hello @Jim3rg I hope your first year scan and check up go well; it’s a funny old world isn’t it - the world of scans and waiting (and hoping) Best wishes :x:


Hello Its good to hear from you @Jim3rg ...You had your op the same day as John had his Colostomy and we have our first follow up review in April sometime
We have been reminiscing on 2018 now its all over and we are just happy to look forward to a new start in 2019 ....cancer free !
Cath :x::x:


Great to hear everything is going well @Jim3rg. All the best for your scan and check up. Hope you are continuing to enjoy your theatre trips too.


Fingers crossed mate.


Thanks for the reply guys, its just a waiting game now, so trying to keep busy.



Hope all goes well @Jim3rg . Very best wishes. :x:

island girl

@Jim3rg good luck, keeping fingers crossed 🤞 :x::x:


fingers crossed, all the best, john


@Jim3rg Hi Jim, where did 2018 go? I’m expecting my first post op colonoscopy at end of March along with my second post op CT scan, luckily my first post op CT in October was clear as you know. Got to have a blood test next week for oncologist to check markers. No doubt we will be comparing notes in March/April, hope we get some good news, Enjoy your shows, I’m planning what I’m going to grow this year, getting my seeds organised. I don’t want to tempt fate but we have to be positive 👍🏻 chat again soon


@AlanH You seem to be in a much better place right now which is fantastic to see. Will definitely compare notes once the probing and scanning is done 😁
Going to see 'a comedy about a bank robbery' I could do with a laugh about now.
Thanks for all the replies and well wishes, very much appreciated



Hi @AlanH

Good luck I'm due my 12 month post CRS/HIPEC and liver operation scan will be 18 months anniversary , had scan on Friday and get results on 5th February. Hope all goes well for anyone else in a similar predicament.

Positive healing and hugs :x:


So so glad all is going well for you @Jim3rg all the best with the scan :x:


@GD62 good luck for the 5th February, I can’t cope with the wait between scan and results, apparently I was so miserable and stressed it cost me a new corner suite for the lounge in October when I got some good news!!!


Hey Folks
My appointment came through for the colonoscopy, will go for the first meeting and to collect the senna and Picolax on Friday 1st March, they will then offer me a date for the procedure.
No word on the scan yet though, I might follow that up this week.

Take care guys and hope you are well.


Good luck Jim! @Jim3rg xxx Annie :x::x::x:


Good luck jim3rg I saw my oncologist on Friday and got the the good news of a clear scan I was so nervous


Good luck :x: