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Rectal cancer

I am a 46yr old with wife 3 young children.I am in a state of fear,panic amongst other emotions.Before christmas my gp just decided to refer me for a colonoscopy thinking it would be only routine.To my abolute shock horror etc the consultant found a growth low down.Previous to this I had blood tests etc and everything was normal.For a few yrs up until that I had been lifting dumbells,doing some cardio a few times a week with no effects whatsoever.Not overweight or underweight so totally believed i was invincible.How wrong was I.The cancer is T3N1 .My surgeon has now decided to put me on a 5week course of radiotherapy followed by a further period of two months where apparently radio still works in body.Then surgery.This all seems like a long time.I just want it gone.Maybe this is normal procedure but i dont know
I still cant understand or take in the fright and magnitude of task.Please help me.
ps surgeon did say it wad curable but i would have a permanent bag.oh my god


Hi, @Morgan, it's such a terrible terrible shock I know and at the start it seems like a long winding road and it is but to be honest once treatment starts and it will be very soon, it seems to go much more quickly. I have just been through the exact same treatment as you and had an excellent response to the chemo radio .. it is all very doable and the people on this forum have been my saviour during that time. Such wonderful people. We are all here for you, you can do this. Treatment is great these days. Lots of love Annie :x::x::x:


Hello @Morgan Welcome to the club that nobody wants to join If you click on our names you can read our profiles
We have all been where you are now If you type ‘ hit by a bus ‘ into the box with the tiny magnifying glass on you can read it
My husband had the Radiotherapy with oral Chemotherapy and it is vey doable It does scorch the outer skin ...its lovingly described as blowtorch bum ...again type into search box and read it
John did all the cooling thigs as described so he was only mildly affected for a day or two !
John was terrified of his stoma but found it really easy ...much better than the original outlet
Colo-Rectal ( stoma) nurses are there on the ward and then at home to get you confident with your bag There are several types ...we like the ones you can empty into the toilet its quick easy and not at all messy ..they only need changing every few days The thought of pooing into a bag is much worse than it actually is A lot less messy than a babies nappy !
We YouTubed Stoma and watched loads of posts mostly by young people who all ‘ Rock ‘ their bags just like John does now
Do not google anything Use us as your google Ask us your questions No question is silly or stupid
We have all felt what you are feeling right now
You can do this We will help you
Cath xx
ps I filled in my profile like a diary it really helps as you soon lose track of what’s happening happened or when !


Dear@Morgan. Just wanted to say Hi and to offer my support to you as best anyone can through the air waves. You are in a state of shock which we all have been in on here but somehow you know, one moves on and things get a little easier despite it all. Lots of people have had similar pre-operative treatment as you are set to receive and it can and does work well. I think it is brilliant that your consultant has said it is very hopefully curable and honestly, hang onto that, especially if and when you are in a state of fear. Believe in yourself- you will find the inner strength and resources to go through all of this and come out the other side. We all have and you will too. Yes, it's a marathon rather than a sprint but it is do-able. We are all on her to help and support you in whatever way is possible so post anything you want and ask any question you like.
Love and hugs and thinking of you and your family. Gypsyxx


Dear @Morgan sorry to meet you here... we truly know what you are going through....
Snap..... this time October 2017..
I am recovering well from everything you have mentioned... albeit with a break between radiochemo and surgery whilst I was in watch and wait... Nothing is as bad as your imagination is suggesting... everything you are about to go through we will help you with... I agree wholeheartedly with everything written before....Dr Google sucks... stay away from him.
And guess what living with a permanent stoma just ain’t as bad as the alternative...
I had a CT scan on New Year’s Eve... they tell me I am clear of cancer... surgery and radiochemo worked, I’m back at the gym, going back to work next week, so far so good.😁 I will be closely watched over the next 3 years.
Message me if you want any daft questions answered. You can and will do this.💪🏻😘


You sound so strong.I am not very religious but please god I will get through this with so much to live for


Hi @Morgan , I was also T3N1 at diagnosis with the same first treatment step as for yourself;
radioChemo therapy followed by surgery and the formation of a stoma at the same time.
7 years ago.
Summarised details are in my profile (click on my Forum name Dan-888 ).

Although we must approach the details for each individual's past as being individual for that one person, there are many common patterns. Just beware not to assume one for yourself until after the fact.
But the outcomes for Bowel Cancer cases have improved markedly over the past decade.

I heard often, and so will you, that a positive frame of mind is understood to be common amongst those with good outcomes across cancer types. I did not put on a positive mantle but just did what I'd always tended to do;
that Monty Python "Life of Brian" song has intruded again, damn it!

I had to learn to let go. Tough, having always been in control.
Learnt not to worry about things I had no control over. Nor tomorrow.
Learnt to live in the moment. Celebrated a beautiful flower, a sweet bird song, the tinkle of a child's excited laugh!
Soaked up the good feeling of having a good morning. A good afternoon.

You too, will be strong.
All my very best to you.
Just me.


Hello from me @Morgan you have already had loads of great advice, i just wanted to say hello and welcome to an amazing forum. Hang in there, you will get through this, good luck starting treatment :x::x:


And another hello from me @Morgan as a fellow T3 N1. But my diagnosis was over 3 years ago. Yes, it was a tough 18 months but now I am fitter than ever, with a whole new outlook on life.

Your underlying fitness will be a huge advantage, by the way, and, yes, you will get back to your exercise routine.

Do ask us anything (no question too embarrassing or too daft) Or just have a good moan (because it is really not fair!).

And if your wife would like to join us or the private relatives section, she would be very welcome.


Thanks very positive.I will mention to my wife


@Morgan Hi there my wife was diagnosed the same as you very nearly six years ago. She has a stoma - which she prefers and is pleased with. We learned all about it from youtube - there is a young lady who explains it jolly well

so a stoma is not a big deal at all.
Anne is also mad on fitness and I think being fit minimises the stress of the treatments - you heal quicker and better. So welcome to the club that no body wants to join!! Just let the doctors do their thing as its very complicated and they are very skilled.
The forum here is very good at answering questions - and helping - much better than DR Google. Its a fast improving treatments and on internet searches - so google is almost bound to be out of date!!
Hans :x::x::x:


Hi @Morgan

I thought I'd already been along to say hello but obvs I haven't ! I can see you've already had some lovely comments, support and welcomes to the forum and I'd like to add mine!

Hope things are moving forward nicely towards treatment. It can feeli like forever I know but rest assured things will be happening in the background to get everything arranged.

Sending love to you, your lovely wife and family,