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Blood in stool - scared!

Hello. A month ago i've felt terrible abdominal pain - i went to the ER and it got confirmed as gas. Took some medicine for it, all was well. A week or so later the same thing happened, this time i toughed it out because i knew it was just gas.

I haven't felt that pain since, but i've been constipated for two weeks now, having a laxative in between. Today i finally felt bowel movement! Went to the bathroom, had a hard time passing stool (small, hard pellets), but the thing that scared me - and prompted me to seek advice, is that there was a lot of blood on it. I've had blood in my stool before, but only some drops after wiping, never something like that. I'm really scared, and i appreciate any input.

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear @ilovepugs,

Thank you for your post.

Whilst passing hard, constipated stool can simply irritate the haemorrhoidal (pile) tissue that lines the anal canal and cause bleeding it is important to get these symptoms checked out to exclude anything more serious.

Constipation and bleeding are not necessarily caused by bowel cancer but it is important to report these symptoms to your GP so that he or she can refer you on for further investigations if appropriate.

Have you an appointment to see your doctor?

Kindest regards,