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Pain in right side below ribs and above hip

A couple of months ago I had acute pain overnight in my right side, roughly where I think right hemicolectomy would have been four years ago. Oncologist felt it and not at all interested. It went away but is now back, although more as a dull ache than acute pain. Is it something to worry about? I see him again on Monday. Thanks for any thoughts. Barbara

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear @Barbara,

Thank you for your post and apologies for the delay in my reply.

Whilst it may feel as if a pain is coming from a specific area in truth it is very difficult to say that it is coming from the site of your previous surgery. It is possible to get 'referred' pain which is pain felt in a specific area the cause of which is coming from another part of the body. For example abdominal pain can be caused by a problem with the back and vice versa.

It is quite likely that this pain represents nothing more serious than some normal aches and pains but it is always advisable to mention any symptoms to your doctor / oncologist. I would discuss this with him on Monday.

With kindest regards,