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Endometrial Hyperplasia two years after liver met and chemo

My wife was diagnosed with Rectal 3.2 six years ago and had operation and Folfox. Three years later a liver met popped up that was removed and six months capecetabine. Last scan was clear (six months) - but this scan also clear but shows slight endometrial thickening. Her CEA is 0.6,
So, she is being booked in for examinations about this.
Is this common after all the chemo etc. (ie: a side effect)
Or is this some thing entirely new?
Could it be sinister?
We are worried

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear @Hans,

The natural 'thickening' and 'thinning' of the endometrium is driven by regular cyclic hormonal changes.

Endometrial thickening is not listed as a side effect of the chemotherapy drugs she was on and it is likely that this is a new problem unrelated to her previous diagnosis. From what you say it appears that the endometrium is not significantly thickened but it is right that her doctors are arranging further test to rule out any serious cause.

With kindest regards,