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Charity event 18th - 22nd April 2019

After my diagnosis last year and all the help i have received i am doing a charity event to raise money for bowel cancer uk and weston park hospital.

I will be travelling along with 5 friends to 96 football clubs in 96 hours.

If you find time to read our website and share it far and wide, we will be very grateful


Bear G

That’s a brilliant thing to do @cdnico , we all gain so much from Bowel Cancer UK (this forum for example), it’s great to be able to give back.
Have you let the charity know what you’re doing? Their fundraising team may be able to help and also get you some local press too (helps share the message about disease awareness)
Big hugs


Hello bear.

Yes i have registered with the charity and have their permission letters etc.
Now i have had my last operation last year and i can fully focus on planning the event.


Well done to you @cdnico, and wishing you the very best of luck Diane :x::x::x:


Hello @cdnico the event looks good, well done to you I hope it goes well!
The link didn’t click btw, but here is for anyone else interested: www.96in96.co.uk/
Best wishes to you.


Nearly 4 weeks to go for the charity event,
Have been sponsored by some great companies/people the total of £700 to pay for the running costs of the challenge so it has us at the start line and every penny we now raise will all go to bowel cancer uk and Weston park cancer charity


Hi @cdnico

I hope your plans are going well and the money is mounting up :x::x:

Quote from @Lizalou:
Hi @cdnico

I hope your plans are going well and the money is mounting up

Yup all running costs met by generous sponsors, so all money donated now will benefit the 2 charities.
On 220 so far.