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Worried I have bowel cancer

Hello, I'm a 22 year old female and for the last few months I've been back and forth to my doctors with symptoms.

My symptoms are, abdominal pain mostly in the lower right side, tiredness, lots of mucus in my stools, sometimes blood, nausea, weight loss and orange oil in stool.

I'm so worried! My doctor has referred me to see a specialist in march. I've had blood tests done which all came back normal, two stool tests and my first one my calprotectin level came back at 117 and the one I did last week came back at 886!

My doctor seemed very worried and said she's going to write to the GI doctor to try get me in earlier, I'm just so worried and just feel like I can't wait anymore😩, I feel like I've been waiting for answers for too long now!

What was everyone else's symptoms?


Oh u poor thing; 🤞 ur GP can get u seen earlier. All the waiting for investigation & results is awful, isn’t it. ?
Thinking of u & sending love 💗 & hugs 🤗. Pls keep us posted; hopefully everything will become clearer soon :x:


Its the worst thing ever waiting😩, I've had to have ultrasounds as well as they thought it was my cervix, its just so frustrating! Thank you so much❤ will definitely keep you updated


I'm so sorry @hayley96 . I think March is a long time to wait, given your understandable anxiety. Can you keep nagging for a colonoscopy? What does your doc say to that? I think you need answers like you say. Sending hugs, Gypsyxxxx


Hi @hayley96 I’m sorry you are having to go through this worrying time. I would ask your GP to ensure this is being dealt with as an “urgent referal for possible cancer diagnosis” - there is a target of seeing a specialist within two weeks. I hope you can see someone and hopefully put your mind at rest as there are other things it could be.


I was meant to be seeing the specialist next month but they've gone on annual leave😩, they then rebooked it for April and now again for march, just feel like I'm being messed about and not being taken seriously because of my age, the doctor that gave me my stool tests results said I'm definitely going to have a colonscopy, just hoping i hear back from the specialist soon and hopefully he will put me on the 2 week list! They said it could be crohns but not sure anymore as my calprotectin levels keep rising, its so frustrating😔


Hi there I'm understand it's silly saying try not to worry but try and be positive your young and it could be something else .
Could you go to the GP and be referred to another specialist with an earlier appointment at another hospital because that's what you need to put you at ease.

Hope everything goes well
George :x::x:

Rob Richardson

Hi @hayley96, sorry to hear of your concerns. I agree with @george1960 about the chances it could be any one of a lot of different things, but I think most people would jump to the big C conclusion. Please just try to remain as positive as you can in what you do, and even if the diagnosis is cancer, its far from a death sentence, as I'm sure many others on here can testify. I've beaten it once nearly 30 year ago, and just thinking of this as round two against the first ones pal and he's getting his arse kicked too! I've found the forum an invaluable place to get a better understanding and perspective of what's happening. 😊


Hi @Hayley i agree with what @Rob Richardson 100% stay positive. There is so much that can be done and medicine has come a long way but you have to remain in the right zone and believe in yourself and stay focused.

Good luck :x::x:


Managed to get an appointment this month on the 16th to see a specialist, will keep everyone updated and thank you all for replying❤


V well done 👍 u :x:

island girl

@hayley96 good luck, fingers crossed 🤞:x::x:


So pleased you have your appointment through @hayley96 the waiting is agonising. Really hope all goes well for you on 16th Diane :x::x::x::x::x:


@hayley96 that's good news, this next 2 weeks will feel like they're going slowly, but try to stay positive, you're now heading in the right direction :x::x:


Hi @hayley96 so pleased to read you’re now seeing a specialist this month. Waiting for appointments is just awful and fully understand your anxiety. Keep us posted. Remember there could be many other possible causes and not just cancer xxx❤️


Hayley96 I feel your worry as it seems you and I are near enough at the same stage and level of worry. I’m 37 went to theGP with what I thought were piles as there is always blood and mucus, however no pain no itchiness. Been going on a while with the blood getting heavier no usual symptoms of crohns or colitis. Bloods clear calprotectin 237. Because of the raised calprotectin and family history of IBD I was referred urgently to gastro. The consultant had a quick look with a camera and referred me for a colonoscopy which is next Wed 13th again as a 2 week wait. Apart from being totally knackered I have no other symptoms I’m terrified of the colonoscopy I’m worried they aren’t telling me something, I’ve googled till I’ve nearly driven myself insane. My husband keeps telling me it’s probably still piles but I keep thinking if it was they would have been felt or seen by now


Dear @houseboat123. Just sending you some hugs for all your understandable anxiety. They can't not be telling you something because until you have the colonoscopy, they actually don't know so please put that out of your mind. We all understand how totally worrying this is and everyone on here has had colonoscopies done so you can express all your fears and we all will and do understand. Please don't Google any more, it is only feeding your fears and most of the info is out of date. You rarely come across positive news on there and for most, it just scares them rigid as it has done with you. If it comes to the worst (and I pray it's not for either you or@hayley96), then the thing to hang onto is that bowel cancer is both treatable and curable if caught early. There are also people living long term with bowel cancer.
Thinking of you and although it's very hard, do nice distracting things meantime. As for the colonoscopy- you will be fine. You get sedated for it.
More hugs coming your way!
Love Gypsyxx


Hey everyone, thank you all so much for the replies! Seen my specialist this morning and he seemed pretty concerned about my last stool test and has booked me an urgent referral for a flexi scope and another ultrasound and said everything is going to start moving very quickly now to see what's actually causing my symptoms, I'm so glad I'm finally going to get some answers now but so worried at the same time, I asked him if it could be crohns and he just looked at me with this look in his eyes😩


@hayley96 , well, it will be good to know and to find out. Of course you are worried but you know what, we'll all be here for you whatever the outcome and the above still applies. If it is bowel cancer then there will be a treatment plan and it is curable in many cases and many on here living with it long term even when not told we've been cured. Try not to worry yourself sick meantime- easier said than done but it's not worth it. Will you start your own thread to let us know the outcome of things please. Love and hugs, Gyspyxx


Sorry this is your thread, @hayley96, I thought it was houseboat's for a moment. Duh!:x: